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49ers vs Cowboys: Nate Davis Should Make Team | Player Rankings

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San Francisco 49ers Minicamp

While the Cowboys flashed off their brand new stadium for the second time this preseason the play on the field was not great in the first half. The lone touchdown between both starting offenses came from Felix Jones but I was interested in a player from the second half.

Nate Davis is Impressive

The 49ers selected quarterback Nate Davis in the 5th round of this years draft. Nate was feature at the draft because of his weird way of holding onto the football as he does not use the laces on the ball to throw all the time.

This young quarterback likes to just grab the ball an fire away and boy does he have a gun to throw with. I’ve watched all three 49er preseason games this year and the 49ers can credit their last two wins because of his play at the end of the games.

As this game was winding down and Nate had lead the team down for the winning touchdown, I was surprised to hear that the 49ers might not have Nate as the No.3 man on the team. Damon Haurd was brought in as a veteran quarterback but he has not played to my knowledge this preseason.

Raiders vs. 49ers

Look for Davis to win a job on this team roster as they would be very unwise to hope he would clear waivers so they can stick him on the practice squad.

This kid stands out to me as a play that could one day start and he most differently has a better arm than Shaun Hill and Alex Smith. He also is not that bad at stepping away from the pass rush and picking up yards with his legs.

Look out for Nate Davis as a potential starter on this team if the 49ers don’t draft one of the big quarterbacks in the draft next year.

Tony Romo and No Touchdowns

I’ve been writing all offseason that I believe the Cowboys will use a run heavy attack as the passing game keeps the ball moving. So far this offense is playing just that way as Tony Romo can get the team up and down the field but is having a hard time throwing touchdowns.

49ers vs. Cowboys
Roy Williams didn’t play in this game because of a banged up shoulder but the Cowboys will need him to provide some explosion in the passing game. Right now he is the only player in the passing game that is big enough to score inside the red zone but fast enough to beat coverage for a big play.

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