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Brian St. Pierre over Matt Leinart in Arizona: Really?

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp

This week reports out of the Arizona Cardinals camp is that head coach Ken Whisenhunt has promised third string quarterback Brian St. Pierre a chance to win the No.2 spot. If he does in fact win this job (would be a shocker) then that would mean Matt Leinart would be the new third string quarterback on the team.

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp

While some will say that this is another reason that Leinart is a bust, I don’t believe that to be the case at all. The Cardinals head coach is not shy from benching or challenging his star names in his organization. Last year he benched Edgerrin James because he believed that James was not producing the way he should.

Coach Wiz then gave Edge the job back in week 17 and he responded well and took that momentum into the playoffs.

Pushing a Star Talent to Success

Most great talents do not need to have a challenge from their coaches to be very good in this league. For Matt Leinart this has not been the case as he has not seemed to carry himself as a true pro, until this off-season.

Last month Cardinals starting quarterback Kurt Warner and Coach Wiz both came out on separate occasions to compliment Matt for his new dedication and performance this off-season.
They told the press that this young man had turned the corner and was now doing all the things one needs to do in order to succeed at this level.

When Whisenhunt was asked about the St. Peirre and Leinart situation he even went out and said it was a “none story.”

This leads me to believe that while the coach may have told Peirre that he would have a chance to compete, it’s not really actually going to happen. That is as long as Leinart keeps preforming the way he has this year so far.

Fantasy Football Information on Matt Leinart

Look for this report to be a complete wash as soon as Matt shows the media that he has improved in the spring games. Leinart is now heading into his 4th season in the league and I believe you are going to start see the player we all expected coming out of USC.

In the end Leinarts fantasy football value is very low as he is not a starter in the NFL right now. But he does make for a very nice stash away if you happen to own Kurt Warner in this year fantasy draft.

If Warner goes down for awhile, start Matt in your fantasy league with confidence as he will keep your quarterback position scoring good points in this high powered offense.

Arizona Cardinals Training Camp

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  • Anonymous

    Wiz didn't bench James and then let him start again to get him "fired up". He got his starting job back because Tim Hightower was even more ineffective than James as a starter, averaging 2.8 ypc.

  • Sean Douglas- fantasy-info

    If you think when a star gets benched it does not fire them up, I would have to disagree.

    Sure Coach Wiz benched him for performance but this guy is no dummy, he knows when he does that it's going to fire a guy up. For better or worse.

    You are right though I do believe if Tim wouldn't have been so bad as to of averaged a sad 2.8 yards a carry he probably would have kept the job.

    Just like it won''t last long this year if they do in fact make him the start again this year. Once Chris Wells is ready it will be his job.

  • hungeryjack

    Nice post – Matt Leinart ..Keep Posting

    Matt Leinart

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