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PPR Mock Draft: Fantasy Football Point Per Reception Leagues

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PPR August Mock Draft Cheat Sheet Fantasy Football Info

Fantasy Football Information on our August
Points Per Reception (PPR) Mock Draft

NFL: DEC 14 Titans at Texans

For the month of August I decided to run an auto draft to see how the teams would shake out. Usually I like to draft a team but I figured since many fantasy owners out their never draft their online teams, I thought this would be interesting for those people. For all of you (like me) that love to draft their teams this is also useful in that it gives you an unbiased view of what is going on in drafting right now for PPR leagues. This way you can have a better idea of who is going where before you get to draft day. Below I have some interesting observations that I have selected for you, that I believe are worth paying attention too. Jacksonville Jaguars Running Back Maurice Jones-Drew NFL: DEC 14 Packers at Jaguars

It seems just about every mock I run right now Maurice Jones-Drew is going No.2 overall. While I disagree about Drew going this high in the draft, I also have him in the top six runners for this season.

The main reason I don’t like Jones No.2 overall is that his still hasn’t proven he can handle a feature work load for a full season. We also need to see the Jaguars passing game improve, or defenses are just going to load eight or nine in the box every game to stop the run.

Frank Gore and Brandon Jacobs are falling

This is a trend I have seen with regularity in mocks so far this month and at the end of last month. It seems that fantasy owners are ready to role the dice with Brian Westbrook and Steven Jackson, more then the runners listed above.

Even Larry Fitzgerald seems to be going as a steady mid first round pick (way to high) in many mocks so far. While Larry, Steven and Brian are all fine talents I would at least put Frank Gore in front of those players on your draft board.

Brandon Jacobs
doesn’t catch the ball much but he is on a great team. With one of the best offensive lines and the ability to put up 15 touchdowns every year, this running back is more stable then Westbrook or Jackson this year.

NFL: Chargers vs 49ers OCT 15

Westbrook won’t even be able to start conditioning again until September. That means he will miss the entire summer by sitting on the side lines. If you think your going to see the same old guy on the field this year, think again. Steven Jackson has missed four games each of the past two seasons. While the Rams do have a better offensive line this year, we need to see Marc Bulger and the passing game succeed without Torry Holt. If they struggle with young receivers then defenses will no doubt lock down on Jackson. Bernard Berrian and Lance Moore at Good Value Right now I’m seeing Vikings receiver Bernard Berrian and Saints receiver Lance Moore falling into the 8th or 9th round. These two receivers (especially Berrian) would be complete steals at your draft for this price. Many people are probably down on Barrian now that Brett Favre has decided to stay retired. But remember this guy had a good season last year and he didn’t have Favre on the team. The bottom line for the Vikings is that Berrian means too much to the team to not keep him involved in the offense. They need his ability of stretching the field so that defense can’t just load up to stop Adrian Peterson. Lance Moore should have a good season for your fantasy team again in 2009. Everyone is banking that Moore’s value will drop because they automatically think Marques Colston will stay healthy this year. Well remember that Colston did have micro fracture knee surgery in the off-season and that is a concern. Even if Marques does in fact stay healthy, Drew Brees loves to spread the ball around. Drew is also a big fan of Lance Moore and what he brings to the team. Look for Moore as a steal pick if he should keep falling in the draft and be forgotten about by your fellow fantasy football owners. Ray Rice and Le’Ron McClain going 10th round down in drafts I’m not surprised to see Ray Rice go off draft boards after the 10th round this season. But I am very surprised to see Le’Ron McClain go this far down.


McClain had double digit touchdowns last year for the Ravens and is the battering ram of this running game. No doubt he will stand to get the goal line carries once again in 2009.

Maybe some fantasy owners are scared off by the fact that the Ravens are going to us him as a full back. All that means to me is that McClain will be on the field more often and will stay involved in the offense.

Right now LenDale White is going in the 7th round in many fantasy drafts, be it standard format or PPR. The Titans have already talked about using Chris Johnson more often and limiting White. If you think that White will get another 15 touchdowns this season, you are sadly mistaken.

I would much rather go with McClain over White but that just is not happening in most fantasy drafts at this point. Look for McClain as a nice late mid round depth pick for your fantasy team this year.

As far as Ray Rice goes he should be the main ball carrier on the team this year but he needs to show that he can score some touchdowns. Ray is more of a true sleeper this season as the Ravens have one of the best offensive lines (and offensive coordinators) to run the ball with.

Derrick Ward and Earnest Graham

It seems that fantasy football owners are buying into the rumors that Derrick Ward will be the “feature player” for the Buccaneers this season. This is prof by how high I consistently see Ward going in most draft this month, no matter the league format.

The two main problems I see with Tampa Bay this off-season is for one they have a lot of turn over at just about every level of the organization and team. With this much change it is hard to know how effective this team will be in execution of play calling when the season begins.

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Secondly the Buccaneers coaching staff has come out and said quite a few things this off-season. Sure they came out and said Ward would be a “feature player” in the offense, but then last week they said Earnest Graham was the No.1 runner coming into camp.

In the end I believe Ward will get the most touches of the two, but I also believe that Graham will get the red zone touchdowns.

Out of the the two runners I see Graham as the one with true fair value right now as he is being drafted around the 10th round. If you draft Ward as a 5th pick on your team or higher, your paying way to much for this runner.

Rounding this all up

I love the month of August because fantasy values and rankings can change so much in this time of the season. I have always been amazed at how certain players can go so high at the start of this month and then drop down by the start of September.

In the end all I can say is that while mock drafts aren’t your real team for the season, they are a good way to prepare yourself for the real draft when it comes. As you do a few of these you get a good idea on which players you need to draft a little higher (or they will be gone) and which players you like, but can wait a few rounds to take.

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