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Bears: Devin Hester is the No.1 Receiver in Chicago

Vikings vs. Bears

Well I believe it is time to say that Devin Hester is the Chicago Bears No.1 receiver coming into the 2009 fantasy football season. Truthfully I didn’t want to think that Jay Cutler was going to have a corner back as his top target but after their preseason game against the Bills that apiers to be the case.

At this point in Cutlers career all you need to know as far as who his top target will be is if he is locking onto that receiver WAY to many times. In the first preseason game in short work Jay threw Hester’s way 6 times!

Watching the game it almost looked to me at one point in that Cutler actually thought Devin was the only receiver on the field to actually throw the rock at.

Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

Greed is Good……for Fantasy Football

I will be interested to see if Cutler continues to throw Devin’s way for the next few weeks in preseason. Every week he does throw to him like this Hester’s value will get stronger and stronger for fantasy football.

The reason the added value is that when a young quarterback is still growing in he tends to lock on one receiver early and often in most games. This characteristic is not the greatest for an offense overall in terms of the NFL because you want to spread the ball around and not be predictable.

But in terms of fantasy football you love to find the receiver that a quarterback will just keep throwing his way again and again and again and again. Simple put the more times your receiver has opportunity’s to produce the better it is for your chances to win a title and have fun all season long.

Fantasy Football Information for Devin Hester

Consistency is important if any receiver is going to be an every week starter for your fantasy team. Right now in 12 team leagues I believe Hester is a nice No. 3 receiver as he is too young and unproven to be a No.2 man for your team right now.

Chicago Bears v Houston Texans

If Hester is to be anything more than a bye week fill in or occasional matchup play for your team he will have to show he can consistently be a main stay in the Bears offense every week.

Look for Devin in the middle rounds of your draft and select him when you are ready to role the dice on a player that has up side but hasn’t proven his worth yet. This guy may never be a great red zone touchdown maker but he’s always a threat to score each and every time he has the ball in his hands.

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