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Bills No Huddle Offense| Football Information

NFL: Hall of Fame Game-Buffalo Bills vs Tennessee Titans

This past weekend marked the first preseason game in which the Bills trotted out their new no huddle offense, as they took on the Titans. No doubt Bill fans must have been happy to see this old style of offense that was perfected so well by their great teams from years past.

The Bills organization has provided third year quarterback Trent Edwards with great receiving weapons as he now has Terrell Owens and Lee Evans to find all year long. One can only imagine the explosion that this offense will have at times when they are in a groove on offense.

Hall of Fame Game: Buffalo Bills v Tennessee Titans
Not only do they have the skill players in the passing game but they also have the running backs to have success as well in Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson. Both runners are very solid pass catchers and should get a good amount of grabs in this offense in 2009.

For all this talent I can only hope it stays in a positive direction and doesn’t spiral out of proportion for what they lack on the rest of their team.

From Rust to Ruin

Anyone that happened to catch the hall of fame game like I did could no doubt tell that this offense flashed off skills early on, that could make fantasy owners giddy about what this passing offense could do in 2009.


Edwards and the boys seemed to be on the attack in their time on the field and at times had the Titans defenders shacking their heads and lining up incorrectly at the snap of the football.

By the second drive for the Bills the defense started figuring out the offense and picked Trent off inside the 20 yard line. Not only that but in that drive the Bills couldn’t seem to gain a yard on the ground and Edwards always seemed to have a defender in his fact before he delivered the ball.

For those of you that have read my articles on the Bills offense you know I’ve been talking about the extreme movement on the offensive line all summer. I have listed this document before and will list it again to display the change in the line from last years starters to this years projected starting line up.

Fantasy Info- The Buffalo Bills Offensive Line Change

In the document you will note that the offensive line has two rookie guards (one played center in college) and the other linemen are either a backup from another team or are playing a different position then last year.

In watching the first preseason game it looks like this offensive line might actually be more horrible in running the football as opposed to pass protection. At least the line held it’s ground to give Edwards time to pass on most downs but the running game had zero day light to run through in the first half.

That actually might not be too bad as this team is designed to pass early and often in the season to come. Since the running backs are good at pass catching they will probably be used more out of the backfield then in seasons past.

Fantasy Football Information on Bills Offense

Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots

Right now the only player on this team that is a top five round draft fantasy talent is Terrell Owens. Beyond Owens all the other players should be drafted no higher then the early middle rounds of the draft (Marshawn Lynch).

Lynch would be drafted in the first five rounds of every draft if it wasn’t for his three game suspension he will have to serve at the start of the season.

Look for Edwards to be a very nice backup quarterback this season as he is primed to have a solid year, pending injury.

Lee Evans will probably go somewhere in the middle rounds of your fantasy draft and actually should have a rebound season.

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