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Bills vs Bears: Robbie Gould vs Rian Lindell | Player Rankings

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Chicago Bears v Buffalo Bills

This game featured to solid young quarterbacks and one might have thought we would see an offense back and forth early on. While both teams did move the ball a times the did have their struggles and around the red zone area.

This is typical as the Bills are in a new no huddle offense and Jay Cutler is in his first year with the Bears.

Trent Edwards and Lee Evans

Last week we saw Trent Edwards hook up with Terrell Owens a few times in the teams first drive at the hall of fame game. This week it was time for Edwards to find his old No.1 receiver in Lee Evans as they hooked up for an early 36 yard catch.

Chicago Bears v Buffalo Bills
By the end of their time on the field Edwards and Evans had success as Trent went 10 for 10 passing for 79 yards and Evans had 3 catches for 54 receiving yards.

It is obvious that this team can move the football up and down the field right now. As an offense they even did a better job in the running game but they are having a hard time scoring touchdowns when they get inside the red zone.

Same issue on the Bears side

This problem will probably be the same issue the Bears will face as they too are becoming acclimated to working as an offense together for the first time.

As noted before this is Jay Cutlers first season with the team and Devin Hester and Earl Bennett are still growing as receivers.

Chicago Bears v Buffalo Bills

It looks as if Cutler has found his “Brandon Marshall” target in this offense as he locked on to Hester for 6 pass attempts going his way. Unfortunately for the Bears they only completed one of those attempts for 22 yards.

Robbie Gould and Rian Lindell should have good years

Since both of these offenses have talent and can move the football, look for their kickers Robbie Gould (Bears) and Rian Lindell (Bills) to have solid seasons this year as both offense still need to get better at converting drives into touchdowns.

Chicago Bears vs Houston Texans

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