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Chargers Defense with Shawne Merriman| Football Rankings

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Last year we all found out just how much Shawne Merriman meant to the Chargers defense as they fell apart at times without him. This season Shawne is back and is coming along good in camp. It looks like he will be a full go by the time we get to the regular season and the Chargers had best hope he stays healthy all year.

One player that should help Merriman stay fresh this season is first round pick linebacker Larry English. It was wise for this team to have English signed an ready for camps as they will need to use him quite a bit from the bench to apply pressure off the edge.

If he can provide a spark for this defense (and Merriman staying healthy of course) it will go a long way to making this team a top five fantasy football defense once again.

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It’s More Than Just Merriman

Beyond these key linebackers there are some other area’s I’m a little bit concerned about before I would label this defense for a clear bounce back season.

For one we need to see if anyone can fill the shoes of the departed defensive end Igor Olshansky (Cowboys) as he is no longer with the team. From what I’ve seen on the depth chart list Ryon Bingham is supposed to be the front line player to take over that spot on the line.

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Ryon has started a total of two games in the three seasons he has actually suited up for the team. This is not a lot of starting experience and one has to believe the Chargers will rotate lineman more in this spot to keep him fresh as he takes on more work.

My other area of concern is in the safety’s department as the two starters Eric Weddle and Clinton Hart only had one stinking collective interception between them for the entire season. Hopefully with a healthy Marriman and the addition of English these men can get more opportunity’s in this area.

You can’t have your safety’s only having one interception and zero collective forced fumbles and expect to be a dominant fantasy defense.

They Still have Talent

With all that being said this defense still have allot of talent and it’s no stretch to think they can dominate once more in 2009.

A good schedule will help their chances to dominate in the sense that all of the other teams in the division are in a state of fluctuation and will be rip for the pickins this year, for a talented team like this.

Look for this defense to have some weeks in which they flat out dominate and look darn good when doing so. My only concern is can they hold up strong when they face talented offenses like the Eagles in week 10 or the Cowboys in week 14.

If they can dominate in those games they could very well end up being the top fantasy defense once again.

Fantasy Football Information on the Chargers Defense

Last year I made the mistake of thinking that Shawne Merriman would play through his knee injury and I drafted the Chargers defense high at my fantasy football draft. In the private league I play in defenses get a lot of points then online leagues, so a fantasy owner is best to get a defense they think is good in the middle rounds of the draft.

We need to see the Chargers defense prove it can bounce back and be a dominant defense once again. I’ve seen some major fantasy football magazines this summer have the Chargers defense ranked as high as No.1 for this year in fantasy football.

I recommend you take them as one of the later defense to be a starter this year and have a good back up just in case Merriman should go down again. This team needs that linebacker on the field or it’s just not the same.

I found that out the hard way a season ago as the Chargers defense was a total bust for me and I had to scrape the waiver wire for production for the entire season.

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