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Chiefs: Bust Season for Dwayne Bowe? | Football Rankings

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I truly thought this season was going to be a big one for Dwayne Bowe but in recent weeks it seems that his new head coach Todd Haley is making fantasy football owners think twice.

The new head coach first placed Bowe onto the third string receiver list and kept him their through the Chiefs preseason opener against the Texans. In that game when Dwayne finally did reach the field he had a nice game of 5 catches for 70 yards.

Since the game coach Haley has since moved him up to the second string and told the press that Bowe needs to work on his run blocking.

With Bowe needing to work his way into the Haley’s good graces it has to concern fantasy owners that even when this talent third year receiver comes back to start, how long will it last?

No doubt coach Haley is sending a message to the team that he was crisper execution and at any point that Bowe slacks off he will probably demote him for a game or two during the season.

Not only does Bowe have to deal with this demotion but he has to build chemistry with new starting quarterback Matt Casssel and he won’t have Tony Gonzalez this year to take coverage away.

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Right now we need to see Bowe actually make it back to the starting job before anyone can say he is a top 20 fantasy receiver for this season officially. What hurts most about Dwayne not being in the starting role right now is that he probably isn’t getting much work with Cassel and they need valuable time to get chemistry together.

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If this situation does not change within the next few weeks I would strongly consider you moving Bowe down in your rankings to an early No.3 receiver for your fantasy team this year.

Personally I think all this is going to blow over and he will still make for a good No.2 as he is a very talented player.

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Some feel Matt Cassel was a one year wonder but even still, Matt will throw the football a lot this year and Dwayne should get his assuming he’s on the field. No. 82 will probably even see more opportunity’s inside the red zone for touchdowns, now that Gonzalez is gone to the Falcons.

While he may not be a top 10 fantasy receiver this year, he has the skills to be in that area for fantasy owners. Again assuming everything gets patched up between Bowe and his coach, look for around 1,200 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns in his 3rd year as a pro.

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