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Colts: Bob Sanders & The Kiss of Death

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Bob Sanders was the league defensive MVP back in 2007 but his career has always been riddled with injury. Last year he missed ten contests do to knee surgery that was preformed by Dr. James Andrews.

In the past three seasons Sanders has missed a total of 23 games in that time due to injury. This is very unfortunate as this safety is maybe the most important piece on the Colts defense. His ability’s are not only felt against the passing game but he is very good against the running game as well.

If the Colts should lose Sanders again for any length of time they will probably struggle against the run and have to post more points to win each week.

A Meeting with Dr. James Andrews

When I saw that Sanders was slated to meet Andrews this week at first my mind said, “well looks like Bob is done for the season.” This is because when athletes tend to pay a visit to Dr. Andrews their season tends to be over.

That is the reason I started calling this Dr. the “kiss of death” because he seems to be the grim reaper in fantasy sports.

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The good news is that the meeting is just a checkup on Sanders knee but the bad news is that the knee is still bad enough that the Colts don’t know when Bob will come back to the team. Given the fact that he has had so many problems with injury and the knee has not healed strong by now, tells me this might be a season long problem.

Sure he may comeback and even start the season but sooner or later if that knee isn’t right he will have to miss time again.

Fantasy Football Information for the Colts

This team as noted earlier has had to deal with Bob being out for long stretches before. While this team might be used to his injury’s, fantasy football owners should be used to not trusting this defense for fantasy.

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Sanders is a very important piece to this defense and if he is gone this team is not one you should have on your fantasy team. In fact you will want to at least start every runner you have against this defense when his is gone.

They have proven time and time again that they can’t stuff the run and I need to see their rookie on linemen get it done before I would trust this teams defense.

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