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Cowboys vs Raiders: Darren McFadden Ready to Go| Player Rankings

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Dallas Cowboys v Oakland Raiders

Like many Raider preseason games this one was a very nice back and forth game in which we saw both Oakland and the Cowboys early on moving the football. Walking away from watching the game I can only be impressed by the Raiders and some of their young players. Oakland is known for having good preseason games but this one was a bit different to me. Maybe I was surprised to see the offense move the ball the way they did as I have not thought much of this team for fantasy football over the past few seasons. Sure the Raiders look like their traditional selves as they ran the football and consistently attacked down the field. Early in the game JaMarcus Russell threw a 48 yard pass that won’t show up in his stats because the defender pulled his receiver down to the ground. Dallas Cowboys v Oakland Raiders

In the end Russell had a good night as he 6 of 9 passing for 50 yards pass and looked improved from the quarterback I saw a season ago. This is an encouraging site as JaMarcus has been criticized by many (including me) for not having fire and passion.

Maybe he’s not the most emotional guy but he does look like he’s ready to take more strides in his progression as a starting quarterback.

Chaz Schilens is for Real

In early June I had a back and forth with a Raider fan or two because I didn’t give Chaz Schilens any credit for being a weapon in the Raiders passing offense.

NFL: Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders

At that time I wanted to see more from Chaz then just a nice end of the season and a good OTA. Well tonight I got a front row ticket to the Oakland Raiders No.1 receiver for this season as he had a very impressive game. Young quarterbacks tend to lock onto one receiver and that is a good thing in fantasy football if you own that particular receiver. Russell clearly locked onto Schilens as this receiver had a very nice 5 catches for 52 receiving yards in the first half. Like many Raider players Chaz is a good athlete as he is 6’4 , 225 pounds and runs a 4.3, 40 yard time. Look for this second year receiver to be a big time sleeper fantasy receiver for your fantasy football team as the Raiders are growing in the passing game. Darren McFadden Breaks One

Dallas Cowboys v Oakland Raiders

Darren McFadden looked great in his short work tonight as he went for 63 yards rushing on only 4 carry’s. His 45 yard run was a very nice but I would have like to of seen him take it the distance for a touchdown.

McFadden also reminded us all that he has good receiving skills as well as he had a nice reception for 9 yards as well. Look for this runner to be the clear starter on the Raiders as the reports are true that the offense does look better with him in the lineup.

Tony Romo Looks Good Without TO

Tony Romo looked just fine to me as he had no problem finding his receivers and tight ends in his time on the field. Many people seem to be down on Romo but I believe he will be just fine this season as he gets ready for a very important year.

Dallas Cowboys v Oakland Raiders

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