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Denver Broncos: Eddie Royal is a PPR Stud

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With so much going on for the Denver Broncos this off-season it is easy to lose site at what a great season Eddie Royal had in his rookie year. Last season Royal had team rookie receiving records for 980 yards and 91 receptions.

This was a very productive year and he makes for a fine compliment to Brandon Marshall in this teams passing game.

The biggest shame to me is that we will never know what these two receivers would have done over the next five to eight years with quarterback Jay Cutler in the offense. This has to be a major disappointment to not only fantasy football owners but Broncos fans as well.

Eddie Royal to be the next Wes Welker

Patriots old offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is the head coach now for the Denver Broncos. This new head coach is implementing his offense from New England that has made Wes Welker a house hold name in fantasy football.


In the past two seasons under coach McDaniels system, Welker had catch totals of 112 and 111. It didn’t seem to matter who threw the football Welker’s way he still posted at massive catch total for the season.

This year Eddie won’t have Cutler but in this offense one has to believe that Royal will still see many opportunities to stay active in this system. Look for Royal to have over 100 catches in his second season in the league.

All Change is not Good Change

No doubt there have been rifts in this organization since the team fired their old head coach and now have Josh in as captain of the ship. Jay Cutler was so ticked off about McDaniels entertaining offers for Matt Cassel that Jay ended up demanding a trade.

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While this one incident was bad it has not been the only issue with players that this organization has faced this off-season.

Brandon Marshall is looking for a new contract and in June demanded a trade after a meeting with the owner of the team.

Now with camp starting up Champ Baliey has been openly critical of the new coaches way of doing things. Even the Broncos first round pick from a couple years ago in Javaris Moss has left the team and is considering retirement.

We don’t know if Moss is leaving because of the way things are going in the organization but this is no doubt another piece of bad news in Denver.

My biggest problem for Royals production will probably be his touchdown total for this season. If you look at Wes Welker in the last two seasons he had eight touchdowns with Tom Brady and only three touchdowns with Matt Cassel.

While Kyle Orton may find Royal many times for receptions he may not be able to help him do better then his five touchdowns from a season ago.

Fantasy Football Information on Eddie Royal

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Eddie’s value much like Wes Welker’s is best in a points per reception (PPR) fantasy football league. Royal can make some big plays in the offense but for the most part he is not a big play threat as that role tends to fall in Marshall’s lap in this offense.

If you are in a heavy touchdown performance league then Royal is probably only a top 30 receiver coming into this season. If your in a PPR league then you might want to consider Eddie as a top 25 or even 20 receiver this season.

At this point in time I am willing to say that Eddie should have a strong catch total even if the team is in turmoil this season. But drafting any Bronco players is going to be a role of the dice as this team is in major turmoil and it should be a problem throughout the season.

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