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Denver Broncos: Kyle Orton is Booed in Camp

Denver Broncos Minicamp

This week in camp Kyle Orton and a few other players have been booed during the Broncos camps for bad play. While this is the NFL and fans will boo bad plays and cheer good ones, I have to wonder if Denver fans are channeling this boo really towards the organization and it’s new head coach.

I’m not a Broncos fan and I’ve not attended these camps but Bronco fans have and have done so in record fashion this off-season. So far in camp the organization has set a new record for fans coming to a particular day of camp with 13,400 plus. This new rise in attendance could be for different reasons.

For one it could be that the fans are there because our economy is in the tank and more people have extra time on their hands, so why not go see the team at camp for a day. Another reason is that the fans could actually be very excited about the Broncos chances with their new look team on the field.

Or it could be that they aren’t happy with the organization and it’s moves this off-season, so they want to come to camp and let everyone know what they think.

It doesn’t seem to matter which way you look at this situation, no one can deny that much has changed in this organization as we move into the 2009 season.

Can the Broncos Win in 2009?

Even if Josh McDaniels is successful in turning around the offense and implementing his style into this team, it is still going to be hard for the defense to have success.

Just this mourning I wrote an article for on Brian Dawkins hand injury and the issues some vets are having with this new coaching staff. It’s is going to be hard for new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan to turn around a defense that was one of the worst in football a season ago.

Denver Broncos Minicamp

With an injury to Dawkins, Champ Baliey complaining about camp and Javris Moss now contemplating retirement, this team is destined for another bad season in defense.

Sure the Broncos do get a gift as they get to play the Raiders and Chiefs twice a season but other then that it should be a challenging season overall.

In the end I believe this team is going to need a strong start to the season and maybe more then any team in football this season. Not only are they going through a lot of change but I’m sure their are fans that will be very disgruntled if they should start slow, because of all the change.

Fantasy Football Information on the Broncos

While this team does have talent and especially on offense, right now I would recommend you drop every player on this team a round or two lower then you have them right now. Brandon Marshall has been hurt for the entire summer so far and currently is not practicing with the team this week.

He needs to show he can recover from his hype surgery before you can look to him as a receiver worth selecting in the first five rounds of your fantasy draft.

Denver Broncos v Arizona Cardinals

Eddie Royal needs to prove that he can get his touchdown total up this season as he needs more then five to be a star player. If your in PPR fantasy leagues he should still be solid as he will be the Wes Welker in this offense and should have over 100 catches this season.

Kyle Orton is nothing more then a backup fantasy quarterback to take at the end of your fantasy draft. Because Marshall has missed a lot of time this off-season, Kyle is missing out on valuable time to work with his No.1 receiver. This is only going to hurt his chances for success and Brandon’s as well.

As far as the Broncos Defense, all I can say is stay as far away from them as you can. This is actually going to be a defense that you will want to start your fantasy players you have against them, when they face the Broncos this year.

In the end I believe the Broncos are going to struggle this season and head coach Josh McDaniels may very well not make it to next spring as this teams head coach.

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