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Detroit Lions’ Kevin Smith has the Heart of a Warrior

Detroit Lions v Houston Texans

In the second half of the year it seemed we could all count on two things out of Detroit and that was the Loins would lose and Kevin Smith would be mad about it. While it was almost comical the way Smith would talk about how ticked he was that his team kept losing games, no one can deny this guy had a fire inside him to win.

Just recently I read a quick article on Kevin and was very impressed by what Lions GM Martin Mayhew noted about Smith toughness.

In reading this piece Mayhew talks about the fact that last season Smith fought through a bad ankle injury and still took all his reps in practice and preformed well on game day. What was even more interesting is that both Mayhew and the coaching staff felt maybe Kevin should rest the ankle but the young running back would hear nothing of it.

Detroit Lions Training Camp
It is this kind of work ethic and flat out giving a darn about your team that makes leaders in an organization and on the football field.

Kevin Smith is Ready for Feature Duty’s

When I looked back at Smith numbers from his rookie season, the stats didn’t blow me away. At the same time they were impressive for a running back that had a tough schedule in which to run in.

Just about every week fantasy owners could count on some form of production from this guy. If he wasn’t posting at least 80 plus yards rushing he seemed to at least score a touchdown.

To see Kevin have consistent play like that in a year in which his team did not win a game, one has to believe he can at least duplicate that type of production this season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions

What impressed me most about Smith wasn’t his eight touchdowns but his 39 receptions as I didn’t think this runner was that good of a pass catcher. Then again when your team is always playing from behind and your on the field all the time, your bound to get a catch here and there.

If fantasy owners are concerned if Smith will hold up with more work then all they have to do is go and look at his production in his final year in college. In that season he had a ridiculous 450 carries,2,567 rushing yards (NCAA record) to go with 29 touchdowns!

When a guy can pound the rock 450 times in college you don’t need to wonder if he can hold up in a feature role in the pro’s.

Keys to Success for Kevin in 2009

The Detroit Lions offensive line still needs to improve this year for Smith to really take off for fantasy football owners. But with additions to the team like lineman Jon Jansen the team should feel better about the direction it’s front line is going.

Another situation I hope works it’s self out is at the quarterback position, as I hope DaunteCulpeper will start. Matthew Stafford has a world of talent but right now this team needs a solid veteran to man the ship and lead the offense.

Not only would this situation enhance both Kevin Smith and Calvin Johnson’s fantasy ranking but it will also give Stafford valuable time to learn on the side.

Detroit Lions v Cincinnati Bengals

On the other side of the football, hopefully new head coach Jim Schwartz (Titans former defensive coordinator) can also start to turn the defense into a more competitive bunch.

If the team can stay in closer games more often it will in turn keep the running game active into the 4th quarter.

Fantasy Football Information for Kevin Smith

Right now I have Kevin ranked as the 22nd running back to take this season but that ranking will move up. It looks to me that the Lions are taking steps in a positive direction (that is not saying much for where their coming from) so look for Smith to improve on last years numbers.

Kevin makes for a nice No.2 running back in 10 and 12 team fantasy football leagues this year as he will be a feature runner.

If you select Smith as a 4th or 5th round pick in this years draft then I believe Kevin will provide you a nice return on your investment this season.

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