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Falcons Football: Jerious Norwood’s Impact on Michael Turner

USA Sports - December 28, 2008
Much has been made of the Falcons running back situation in fantasy football this offseason. Many feel that Michael Turner is primed for a down slide in his production as the team will try and run him less (376 carry’s last year) this season.

If the Falcons are successful in keeping Turner fresh then it should insure that he will last a few years more ,as the extra pounding can take it’s toll. With this decrease in touches many worry if Michael will still make for a strong top five running back in fantasy football, as he does have a talented runner behind him on the depth chart.

That runner is none other then Jerious Norwood and he has proven to be a young explosive player in his own right so far in his career. If Jerious should preform well in an expanded role then what should fantasy owners expect from these runners in 2009.

Think Vikings Running Game

I find it amazing that everyone is talking about Michael’s work load and yet I hardly hear a peep about Adrian Peterson and his workload a season ago.

Michael Turner did have a massive 376 carrie’s but he only had 6 catches on the season. This brings his total touches for the year up to 382 total touches on the year.


While that is a high number, Adrian Peterson of the Vikings had 363 carrie’s on the season and had 21 receptions as well. This gave him a total of 384 total touches on the season.

I could be wrong but the last time I checked the number 384 is bigger then 382, this again brings me to the question of, “if everyone makes a big deal about Turner then why not Peterson as well?”

Going on step further on this topic, I also find it interesting that out of the two players it is Peterson that is injury prone throughout his football career and not Turner. Understanding that it would only make sense that Adrian’s name should come up just as much as Michael’s.
Atlanta Falcons Training Camp
In the end after all the talk I believe you will see the Falcons use their running backs in the same fashion the Vikings use their two talented runners. That means that Turner will be the main runner and Norwood will compliment him in the passing game and give him a breather here and there.

Fantasy Football Information for the Falcons Running Backs

Look for Turner as a very productive top three overall running back in this years fantasy football draft. He might go a little lower in PPR leagues as he just will not catch the football much this season.

Mike is primed to have a 1,500 yard rushing season and at least 12 touchdowns in the coming year. Everyone can make say he is going to be lower this year and I do expect some drop off but he is still a beast of a running back.

As far as Norwood goes the only people that should select him on draft day are the fantasy owners that selected Turner.

Everyone else can find better players to help their team then to wait on Turner to hopefully go down at some point.


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