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Football Info: Titans’ Nate Washington Looks Good vs Bills

Cleveland Browns vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Tonight kicks off the start of the NFL pre-season with the Titans and the Bills facing off in the Hall of Fame game. I will be putting out an article later tonight about the game as I write more about the Titans and the Bills. But in the first few series of the game one player caught my eye and that was Titans receiver Nate Washington.

Nate came over to the Titans from the Steelers in the off-season and is in line to start this year opposite Justin Gage for Tennessee.

This veteran receiver didn’t blow anyone away early in the game with a sparkling big play but he did have 2 receptions for 25 yards in short work.

What I was impressed to see about Nate is how the Titans moved him around constantly in the offense and had different plays designed just for him. Not only did they have plays drawn up for him but he looked very good in this offense, as they moved down the field.

Maybe I was blown away by his speed and quick moves in this offense because I really haven’t seen a guy with this kind of agility in the Titans passing game since Derrick Mason. Either way it is obvious to me that this is the kind of receiver that could really have a nice year for fantasy teams for this season.

Big Plays in the Passing Game for Tennessee

With a player like Nate in the offense they now have a receiver that can make a big play from anywhere on the field. Last season Washington gave fantasy owners a spark while Santonio Holmes was out for drug use.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Tennessee Titans

He flashed his big play ability’s throughout last season and now he looks primed to take the next step and become a solid sleeper receiver in fantasy football this year.

Fantasy Football Information for Nate Washington

Look for Nate as a very nice late round pick at your fantasy football draft this up coming year. The Titans are clearly looking to make Nate a feature receiver in this offense and they need what he provides for this team.

If your in a league that gives more points for long distance touchdowns this receiver is one that you should pay attention and look for him a few rounds earlier then standard scoring leagues.

In the end it may have been only a few drives and it is the pre-season but sometimes watching these games give you a nice preview of what is to come. For the Titans I see Nate as a nice receiver on the rise in the 2009 NFL season.

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