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Football Information: Eagles’ Kevin Curtis Sleeper of the Year?

NFC Championship: Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals

It’s seems as if everybody and their mama is talking about DeSean Jackson as a big time breakout receiver in fantasy football. He is reportedly having a great off-season and is looking faster then ever before as he gets ready to be the No.1 target for Donovan McNabb.

I recently wrote an article myself talking about Jackson and how I too believe he should have a good season this year. My two questions about DeSean is that for one I’m not sure if he will have a strong touchdown total and two can he be a true No.1 this season.

It is hard for a player so young to be a true top target at the NFL level and it will be even harder as teams will be ready for DeSean this season. Last year he surprised people with his strong play and wasn’t a player that opposing teams paid strong attention to in the off-season a year ago.

This year everyone knows his name and defenses should stick their top defensive corner back on him.

While you will probably have to pay a 5th round pick or higher this season to get this 2nd year up and comer, their is another name on this team that might produce better numbers this season.

What Happened to Kevin Curtis

I’m sure a lot of people have lost faith in Kevin Curtis now that he was injured last year and Jackson has emerged as a young star. But remember this is still a talented receiver and he will be forgotten about on draft day by many fantasy football owners.


Just two years ago in Kevin’s first season on the Eagles he went for 1,100 yards receiver and 6 touchdowns on the year. Many were hyping this wide out up as a good pick in last years draft as he was going to be McNabb’s top target (much like Jackson this year) coming into that year.

But unfortunately his season was shot before it ever really got started as he had a sports hernia and missed the first 6 games of the season.

What I like about Curtis is that you can draft him at the end of your fantasy football draft and at worst case use him as a nice fill in for bye weeks during the season. He still has Donovan McNabb as a quarterback and they now have three off-seasons of chemistry together.

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles
Not only that but he is a starter on this team and they are looking to be primed to throw the football with the defense going through much turnover this off-season. Not only did they lose Brian Dawkins to free agency but they also lost Jim Johnson as he passed away from spinal cancer.

To top it all off they lost their promising young middle linebacker Stewart Bradley to a season ending knee injury. With all these problems the Eagles are going to have to put up a lot of points to win games in 2009.

Fantasy Football Information on Kevin Curtis

Look for Curtis as a nice late round pick this season as he will probably see the second best corner back on most teams this year. He may not be as fast as Jackson but he can still break away from the pack when he gets his hands on the football.

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles

Keep him as depth to start the season and if he and Donovan start connecting on the field again then you might want to insert him into your lineup is he is a better option then others on your team, that aren’t getting it done for you by October.

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