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Harry Douglas & Roddy White Out: Falcons Passing Game in Trouble?

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This week the Atlanta Falcons first got news that Roddy White was a no show to camp in hope of getting a new contract. Then the organization received much worse news when their talented young receiver Harry Douglas tore his ACL and is now done for the season.

With the loss of Douglas and White contract negotiations going very slow one has to wonder if the Falcons passing game will be strong this year.

Second year quarterback Matt Ryan is being projected as a top ten fantasy football quarterback on different major websites. If Ryan is to deliver for fantasy owners that do in fact select him that high, he is going to need all his weapons to make it happen.

Two weapons that are in camp and will help Matt this season are all pro tight end Tony Gonzalez and receiver Michael Jenkins.

In Gonzalez the Falcons passing game will be able to add in more creative plays into the offense and especially in the red zone. This will be vitally important for a young quarterback like Ryan as he only had 16 touchdown passes in his rookie season.

Matt is going to need to have at least 24 touchdowns and 3,500 passing yards to deliver on being a starting quarterback in fantasy football leagues this season.

The Importance of Roddy Whites Absences on the Team

Most of the time I would not place much importance on a veteran receiver being out of camp for awhile. I’ve seen different vets like Jimmy Smith a few years back, hold out until a few days before the season starts and then have a great fantasy season that year.

While Roddy should be able to pick up right where he left off in the offense, it will hurt his young quarterback as he needs all the reps he can get to grow and mature.

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I still believe White will end up with another season of over 1,250 receiving yards but I don’t believe we will see him get to ten touchdowns this season. At this point in time I believe that White will continue to suffer in touchdown heavy fantasy leagues because Tony Gonzalez and Michael Turner are such good options once you get inside the 25 yard line.

Expect Roddy to get a touchdowns here and there in the red zone but most of the time he will have to get his scores from a distance.

Fantasy Football Information on the Falcons Passing Game

Roddy White is still a top ten receiver this season in fantasy and I don’t care if he holds out until September. He’s a vet and will post his numbers in this star studded offense. With that being said many fantasy owners will doubt his ability’s if he is out that long and you can capitalize by getting him a few rounds lower then maybe he should go.

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

Tony Gonzalez will be one of the first tight ends coming off the board and his stock should only be strong the longer White is out. With more time to work with Ryan they will build valuable chemistry together this off-season.

Look for Matt Ryan as one of the first back up quarterbacks to go in your draft. He very well may go higher then that but I would suggest you not take him as a starter. This team is still going to run the ball a good amount and we need to see Matt have a stronger touchdown total this year.

Michael Jenkins is an interesting pick as he makes for a now nice late round stash away on this team. Harry Douglas would have hurt this receiver as he was pushing for more playing time in the offense. Now with Douglas gone and White out for a new contract, Jenkins fantasy value is on the up swing.

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