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Houston Texans: Steve Slaton is Bulking Up for Big Year

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Steve Slaton fell into the middle rounds of the 2008 NFL draft because scouts didn’t feel he was big enough to handle feature role duty’s. This was understandable as Steve’s playing weight in college was only 190 pounds.

At the start of the ’08 season Ahman Green was supposed to be the starter and Slaton would come in and play second fiddle in the running game. But in the first game of the season Green went down due to injury and the job was Slaton’s from their on in.

Proving the Doubters Wrong

Once Steve got the job he went on and had a fabulous rookie campaign with 1,282 rushing yards, 4.8 yards per carry, 50 receptions and 10 touchdowns. With numbers like that and the consistency to show up for fantasy owners on a regular basis, it is no surprise that Steve is a top ten runner this year.

In the off-season the Texans organization came out and said they wanted to find a bigger runner to help take carries away from Slaton. But at the end of the day they signed no one in free agency and drafted no one as well.

Head Coach Gary Kubiak even came out and admitted that having another runner was more of a luxury then a need for the up coming season.

Bulking Up and Ready to Rumble

Today the news out of Houston is that Slaton has bulked up to 215 pounds this off-season and his still looking great. While some might wonder if Steve is to big now, I believe that is a good playing weight for a starting runner in this league.

Furthermore it also shows that Steve is dedicated to stripping away any knocks that people have about his game. Unlike Chris Johnson of the Titans that now seems to be more out spoken about how good he his, Steve is quietly going about his business and getting things done.

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This type of attitude and dedication reminds me a lot of Brian Westbrook and how he has handled his career with the Eagles. Brian was also a middle round pick and was knocked for not being big enough but he overcame those issues and became a great player.

One thing I like more about Steve is that so far he has bee able to play without the occasional injury that Westbrook has always seemed to have. This makes Slaton a high commodity in this years up coming fantasy football season.

Fantasy Football Information on Steve Slaton

Look for Steve as one of the top six or seven running backs in this years draft. You may get him cheaper then that as people seemed to be doubting his ability’s once again.

Slaton is on one of the best offenses in football and he has also proven he can get it done against tough teams. Last year in his two contests against the Titans he had over a 100 yards rushing in both games. This shows you that he can be dangerous against any team in football and in any given week.

Draft Steve and enjoy a fine season as the runner has another strong season in 2009.

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