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Jacksonvile Jaguars: Mike Walker is Ready to Start at Receiver

NFL: Steelers vs Jaguars OCT 5

People that play fantasy football may have never heard of Jaguars receiver Mike Walker and that is understandable. Walker is now in his third season in the league and has suffered with injury in his first two seasons in the league.

In his rookie season he missed the entire year due to injury and then last year after showing promise in a few games he went down again. This third year receiver is now healthy and has continued to show the Jacksonville organization why they have high hopes for this receiver and his talent.

At this point in time Mike is in line to start opposite Torry Holt in the Jaguars offense. Quarterback David Garrard has been excited to have Walker on the field and points to Mikes production against the Steelers last year as an example of what this guy can do.

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In week five last season against last years Super Bowl Champions, Walker had six receptions for 107 yards and a 17.8 yards per catch. Those were very strong numbers for a receiver against one of the best defense in football.

Unfortunately that is really the only game anyone can point to and say much positives about this player as he would again go down with an injury a few weeks later.

While Mike has talent and is reportedly having a strong camp this off-season, he will need to stay healthy to show any fantasy football relevance in his career.

Can the Jaguars Make the Playoffs in 2009?

I’m willing to give this team a pass for it’s bad play on defense last season and say they will turn things around for a good season this year. With that being said they do have a few areas they need to show improvement in on offense.

Maurice Jones-Drew is a great talent in this league but we will have to see if he can truly hold up in a feature role this season. If he should break down at any time they are going to have to rely on second rate running backs to help this team win games.

We also need to see if Torry Holt can bounce back from his worst season as a pro last year in St. Louis. If he is going to succeed this season he will need to show us all that his knee problems are behind him and he can perform as he used to.

Finally I believe this offense is going to need Walker or at least someone in else in the passing game to provide a spark opposite Holt in this offense. Even if Torry comes back strong this season I don’t expect him to be the same electric player he once was down the field.

NFL: Steelers vs Jaguars OCT 5

Mike has the potential to make defenses pay when he gets the ball in his hands and it will be important that he succeeds for this team in 2009.

If Holt and Walker can preform in the passing game it will make MJD’s life a lot easier in the back field as defenses will have to respect the pass more.

Fantasy Football Information on Mike Walker

Right now Walker is at best a late round sleeper pick in fantasy football. True he is a third year player and receivers to tend to breakout at that time in their careers but Mike is just to injury prone to count on for anything more then that.

This team does need him to have success as noted before if they are truly going to make a run at the playoffs. It’s good to know that he is healthy and his quarterback thinks highly of him. One of the biggest things a receiver needs is the trust of his quarterback to look his way and to be on the football field on a regular basis.

If Walker does in fact win the starting job and no one selects him in your fantasy draft then you should keep an eye on this player early in the season for a nice waiver pickup.

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