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Jaguars vs Eagles: Donovan McNabb Attempts 36 Passes | Player Rankings

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Jacksonville Jaguars v Philadelphia Eagles

Week three of the preseason is the most important week for evaluation of fantasy football rankings. This is traditionally because starters will play the most time in the preseason this week than any other week in the preseason.

In this game the Jaguars and Eagles faced off as it was the first game of action for Michael Vick in the NFL since he went to jail a few years ago.

Vick Returns and McNabb Goes Crazy

To say I was a little surprised that Donovan McNabb would throw the football 36 times tonight is an understatement. I can’t remember when a starting quarterback has had so many attempts in a preseason game of action.

Never the less Donovan looked good as he was 21 of 36 passing for 244 yards and a touchdown on the night. Look for the Eagles to be a heavy pass first offense to start the season as Brian Westbrook is working his way back into playing shape.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Philadelphia Eagles

Michael Vick didn’t play bad in his action as early on in the game he did have a rushing attempt for one yard. When he got in to play quarterback he went 4 of 4 passing for 19 yards. The stats are not very impressive but again they were not bad for a guy that’s been out as long as Vick’s been.

Maurice Jones-Drew Preseason

The Jaguars No.1 running back Maurice Jones-Drew had a very nice 45 yard reception in the game as he is a talented pass catcher. In short work this preseason I’ve been disappointed in Drew’s stats in the running game as he is a total of 18 yards on 7 carries.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Philadelphia Eagles
For a player that is going No. 1 overall in many PPR fantasy football leagues I would have liked to of seen this running back have a better yards per carry than 2.56 this preseason.

Jones Drew is still a very talented player none the less and he will be a high draft pick in many fantasy leagues this season. Unfortunately my biggest concern is if he can run effectively for the entire season. That question can’t be fully realized until he plays the season out till it’s end.

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