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Mark Clayton Out Demetrius Williams In for Ravens

Baltimore Ravens Training Camp

This week the Ravens have had a case of good news/ bad news when it comes to their starting wide receivers. First the team got great news when veteran Derrick Mason decided to come back to the team (retired last month) and play one more year.

Then today Mark Clayton injured his hamstring and now is projected to be out for the next four to six weeks as he recovers.

Philadelphia Eagles v Baltimore Ravens

For all the ups and downs that have come between this two starting receivers, third man Demetrius Williams has been stuck right in the middle. Last month it looked like he was going to be in line to start opposite Clayton in the offense, when Mason retired. Then Derrick came back and Williams was pushed down to the third spot again.

Finally today he now has the opportunity to receive the starting reps and could even start the first few games of the season.

It Been a Long Time Since Rock and Roll

Williams career has been one of disappointment and injury so far in his first three years with the Ravens. He has only suited up for five games as a starter in his career and had zero starts last season. In fact Demetrius only suited up for 7 games last year as he just could not stay healthy.

But now he is in good shape and has a chance to show what he can do in the starting role.

This talented receiver showed his promise back with the Oregon Ducks, when he and then quarterback Kellen Clemens light the score boards up.

No doubt Williams is a player that has the skills to make the big play as in his career he has a 15.7 yards per catch average. Out of the three touchdowns he has, two of them are from 70 yards plus!

While Derrick Mason is the true No.1 receiver on this team he is more of a possession player at this point of his career. This means that while Clayton is down with his injury, Williams will be the deep threat for this team.

If you are in a fantasy football league that gives bigger points for long distance touchdowns then Williams has added value in your league.

Fantasy Football Information for Demetrius Williams

Right now I wouldn’t recommend drafting Williams at your fantasy football draft. We all need to see if he can preform up to his potential on the field and how long Clayton will be down with his hammy.

Hamstring injury’s can last a long time if they are bad and no doubt Mark as suffered a bad one as he will be down for an extended period. If this injury should linger and Williams shows his skills early in the season, I would recommend you give this guy a look as a waiver pickup.

In the end the Ravens are primed to be a dominant running team and Mason will take away the top corner on every team that Baltimore faces. With a strong running game the opponents defense will be forced to move their safety’s up to help stop the run.

Philadelphia Eagles v Baltimore Ravens

When that happens it will leave Demetrius with one on one opportunity’s with the defenses No.2 corner. In that scenario Williams could make some teams pay and in a big way for the Ravens and for your fantasy team in 2009.

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