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NFL Rule Change: Officials Watch for Pushing Off in 2009


In a solid article recently from National Football Post they discussed a key new rule change that is worth paying attention to for fantasy owners. This season the officials are going to pay much closer attention to pushing off from receivers and tight ends.

This should help defenses again in coverage as they already benefited from last years major rule change of being able to push receivers out of bounds, if they are up in the air. No doubt a move like this will be an interesting one for receivers like Randy Moss who has been know for pushing off around the end zone.

While this rule change will effect production in close range situations I will be interested to see if officials make these calls against winning teams like the Patriots this season.

Brady argues with the ref
It always amazes me how a rule like this can be called against a second rate team and then when a very good team does the same thing in a key point of a game, the officials seem to look the other way.

In this regard it is a good thing that Moss is on maybe the best team in football as he might get away with more during the season yet again.

Fantasy Football Impact from Rule Change

This rule is not going to mean you should not select your favorite receiver think you should. But it is going to be interesting to see if teams become more inclined to run the football in when they get inside the five yard line this season.

NFL 2008 - Eagles Beat Falcons 27-14

If these recent rules enable defenses to make offenses one dimensional then the great defenses like the Steelers will only be better with these changes.

With that in mind one has to wonder if the league is starting to become more defensive minded all of a sudden.

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