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Panthers: 2009 NFL Regular Season Schedule | Fantasy Football Rankings

Carolina Panthers- 2009 NFL Regular Season Schedule- Printable- Downloadable

The Carolina Panthers Regular Season Schedule

Arizona Cardinals v Carolina Panthers

The Panthers won their division with a top end running game and solid defense. If Carolina intends to repeat in the division and go to the super bowl they will need quarterback Jake Delhomme to step up his game from a year ago.

Below are three sections of interest that are worth paying attention to for fantasy owners coming into the season for this team. First we have listed our fantasy players which we believe are worth paying attention to this season.

Next is strength of schedule against the run, pass and points against. Lastly we have a few games selected that will be key in telling how this team will preform for the 2009 season.

Fantasy Players

QB. Jake Delhomme
RB. DeAngelo Williams
RB. Jonathan Stewart
WR. Steve Smith
WR. Moshin Muhammed
WR. Dwayne Jarrett
K. John Kasey

Strength of Schedule

vs Run 3rd Hardest Schedule

vs Pass 7th Hardest Schedule

vs Points Given Up 3rd Hardest Schedule

Like the rest of the NFC South the Panthers have one of the hardest overall schedules in football this season, on paper. Unfortunately for them they will play one of their games against the Saints in week 17. Many fantasy leagues don’t play the last week of the season so because of this you probably won’t get to enjoy a solid matchup against a shaky defense.

Quarterback Jake Delhomme is going to need a solid season as last year the Panthers won in stretches in spite of their captains play.

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The emergence of third year receiver Dwayne Jarrett should help Jakes cause as this will give him three good targets in the passing game.

Games of Interest

Weeks 14 – 16: These weeks mark the traditional games of the fantasy football playoffs and in that time the Panthers will face some hard opponents. In those three contests Carolina will face the Patriots, Vikings and Giants. Out of the three games the Panthers play only the Vikings in Carolina as they travel to New England and New York.

One has to feel a little bit better about these three game for DeAngelo Williams sake as he did have a four touchdown game last year against the Giants on the road a season ago.

Carolina Panthers v New York Giants

2009 Football Projection

While this season may end up being a trying one for this team I do believe they will end up being at least a wild card team. The Saints and Falcons will be hot on their trail this season as the Panthers look to repeat and have a better showing in the playoffs than in 2008.

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