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PPR, IDP: Impact Rookies Cheat Sheet Fantasy Football Leagues

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2009 Impact Rookies Cheat Sheet for PPR, IDP Fantasy Football Leagues

Fantasy Football Information on our 2009 Impact Rookies


While I do have at least one player for tight end, quarterback and wide receiver on this list, it is usually running backs and starting rookie line backers (for IDP leagues) that make an instant impact in their rookie season. For those article I’ve selected the running backs to give feature columns below on and as far as the other positions I will lightly touch on all the players listed in those categories. Impact Rookie Quarterbacks While Mark Sanchez and Matthew Stafford could start as soon as week one this year, they will need to prove they can get the ball in the end zone to be a capable starters.

New York Jets Minicamp

Out of the two I like Sanchez as I believe he is the better quarterback and on a better team. Stafford could do something in this league at some point but he would be best served to sit under Daunte Culpepper this season in Detroit.

Sanchez may very well start for the Jets this season from week one on (even though he is behind Kellen Clemens right now on the depth chart) and should move the ball with a good supporting cast. But in the end even Matt Ryan couldn’t get 15 touchdowns last year and he took his team to the playoffs.

Only draft these players if you are in a very deep league or obviously if your in a keeper league.

Fantasy Impact Running Backs

Denver Broncos Knowshon Moreno –

2009 Capital One Bowl - Michigan State Spartans v Georgia Bulldogs

The Broncos do have veterans like Lamont Jordan and Correll Buckhaulter on this team, but they need Knowshon Moreno to be a star right away. Denver fans need to see that the head coach made a wise decision in selecting this running back over serious needs on defense. Denver management also needs this talent to come out and do well as it will be a face they can pitch to the fan base as Jay Cutler is now in Chicago. Look for Moreno as a nice 4th round pick at your fantasy draft, that is assuming he wins the job of course. Arizona Cardinals Chris “Beanie” Wells – This running backs stock has been falling in the past month because of rumors that Tim Hightower will start at tail back to begin the season. Let me tell you if Tim some how wins the job, it won’t last long as he’s just not that good of a runner.

NFL Football: NFC Championship-Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals

Hightower only averaged a measly 2.8 yards a carry last year and the Cardinals management had to be embarrassed when they started using Edgerrin James again (they shouldn’t of benched him to begin with) after benching him.

Anyway look for Chris “Beanie” Wells to take over and have a fine season once he does. If you can get him in the 6th round down at your draft consider that a gift.

Philadelphia Eagles LeSean McCoy-

LeSean McCoy
is turning into a fine runner to have on your depth chart coming into the season. With Brian Westbrook not able to run or condition until September, McCoy will be very active in the Eagles offense all year.

There is even talk that the Eagles may give the goal line carries to McCoy this year if he can prove himself in the pre-season. This makes sense as it is these tough type of smash mouth plays that would put added stress onto Westbrook’s bad ankle.

Look for McCoy as soon as the 8th round of your fantasy football draft and stash him away for the season. If Westbrook can’t return from his ankle problems then McCoy could be the most valuable rookie in 2009.

Indianapolis Colts Donald Brown –

This season is going to be and interesting on for Joseph Addai, because if he can’t stay healthy he might lose his starting job. Donald Brown is very capable of succeeding in the Colts offense and now that coaches Howard Mudd and Tom Moore back on the team, the offense should be just fine.

Look for Brown as a late round stash away and see if Addai goes down to injury. If he does for any stretch of time then Donald will be a very fantasy friendly option this season.

Impact Rookie Wide Receivers

Oddly enough out of the four receivers I have selected the one I’m most concerned about is Michael Crabtree. In the long run Michael will be a very good player in this league but right now he’s had a lot of set backs this off-season.

San Francisco 49ers Minicamp

First Carbtree had surgery on his foot and had to miss all of the OTA workouts with the 49ers. Now he is dead locked in a battle of the minds over his contract situation. His agent is trying to get him third pick overall money and the 49ers are not going to pay him that much. The later into August this goes the more likely Michael will have a bad year in his rookie season. Right now out of the other three receivers we have listed Percy Harvin may end up beginning the most fantasy relevant receiver in the league this year. Make sure you check scoring in your league, if you get credit for rushing yards from receivers, you will be getting the most out of Harvin’s talent. But if you don’t get credit for his rushing totals, then he might only be worth a waiver pickup as the year goes along. Impact Rookie Tight End Brandon Pettigrew has not been named the starter yet but he should start for the Lions this year in week one. One reason he should start is because he is a very good blocker and the Lions need all the help they can get in that department. Pettigrew will also offer a nice option over the middle in the passing game for either Daunte Culpepper or Matthew Stafford. While Brandon didn’t dominate in the touchdown department in college I do believe he will be serviceable in the pro’s with his size and ability.

NFL: JUN 24 Lions Mini-camp

If you draft Brandon this year then look for him as one of your final picks at your fantasy football draft.

Impact Rookie IDP Linebackers

For the three linebackers I selected their value will be best held in tackle heavy leagues. Obviously they won’t rank up at the top of the draft with studs like Patrick Willis of the 49ers but they all have opportunities to succeed this season.

Out of the three players I believe James Laurinatis may have the best opportunity for a lot of tackles because he’s on the Rams.

Aaron Curry should have a solid year and will probably play like a seasoned vet from week 1 on, but he is one a more balanced defense.

Rey Maualuga is on the Bengals and that will bring opportunities but he is also learning a new position.

Cicinnati Bengals Minicamp

In the end while all these youngsters have a nice chance to rack up the tackles this season, they are not proven talents and should be passed up until you get past the 30 plus linebackers.

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