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PPR Update: Adrian Peterson to Catch the Football?

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson has been working on his pass catching skills for a couple seasons now. This will be Adrian’s third season in the NFL and he now has an average catch total of 20 catches a season. That average is very unimpressive but at the same time not that far away from being respectable numbers for PPR fantasy leagues.

While Peterson is the most explosive running back in all of fantasy football he is not the most complete runner around. This hurts his fantasy value and makes him less attractive then he probably should be (and he still goes No.1 in most fantasy leagues).

Last season at the start of the year I remember Adrian talking about how he wanted to be a more complete runner and was working on catching to ball more. That translated into two more catches, 143 less receiving yards and no touchdowns in the passing game.

To hear Childress say that Peterson is working on his pass catching and route running is all fine and good but I won’t take it serious until I see him actually produce more.

What’s holding Adrian Back?

Right now the biggest thing that is holding Adrian from being a 40 plus catch runner is a man named Chester Taylor. This veteran running back is still very talented and is in trenched as the third and long man on this team.

Carolina Panthers v Minnesota Vikings

If Peterson is to finally have respectable numbers as a pass catcher I can’t help but feel that he will have to keep Taylor on the sidelines.

That is probably not going to happen unless Chester goes down with and injury and the Vikings are forced to use Peterson more for a stretch of time.

Even if Chester goes down the Vikings know that they can’t use Adrian for 363 carry’s like last year and then use him for 50 catches as well. That would be over 400 touches for the season and would be a massive workload for any player to have.

Fantasy Football Information on Adrian Peterson

If fantasy owners in PPR leagues are looking for Peterson’s numbers to go up they had best hope he produces more then ten touchdowns this season. I just don’t see his catch total getting higher as the team understands that Adrian is used best running the rock.


With all that said I think Adrian is probably not that bad of a pass catcher and could be good if he was given an opportunity. We saw this in his rookie year when on 19 catches he had an 11.0 yard per catch average. That is an amazing total for a running back to have for receptions.

At the end of the day any time Peterson has is hands on the ball he could take it the distance on any play. While I don’t believe he will post more then 22 catches this year, I also understand he is a tremendous talent and one should never doubt his ability’s. This guy is fully committed to being a great player and barring injury he will be a hall of fame runner in this league at the end of the day……or is that All Day.

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