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2009 Busts Cheat Sheet for PPR and Standard Fantasy Football Leagues

Fantasy Football Information for our 2009 Busts

NFL: Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders

Busts can come in fantasy football in varying degrees. Some players get injured and miss a portion of the season and some for the entire year (Tom Brady last year). Some players just have a few really big days but then they don’t score much for month stretches in the season. Then there is the final and maybe most frustrating type and those players have the talent and should be used to help their football team, but the team is to dumb to understand you need that runner to have 20 carries this week. Ronnie Brown was that kind of player for my fantasy football team back in 2006. That season Daunte Culpepper was on the team and all of a sudden offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey decided to throw the football 65 times a game. When Culpepper was hurt (or just couldn’t play well) the team called on Joey Harrington to lead the charge. Miami Dolphins v Detroit Lions

You might have thought the Dolphins would have tried to run the football at that point with stud talent Ronnie Brown, but no they decided to throw the ball 75 times a game (not that I’m bitter or anything).

I have a few players selected off of our 2009 bust cheat sheet and will discuss what kind of season you can expect from these players. Some of these players will still be good if you get them at a low price and some you might just want to stay away from all together.


Chicago Bears Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler will probably be a good player to have on your fantasy football team if you can snag him up as your backup. While Jay has all the tools to dominate in this league and put up very fantasy friendly stats, we need to see how the Bears will do on offense this year.

The main problem is that Jay really has the worst wide receiving core in football and we need to see if Devin Hester and Earl Bennett (or others) can be quality receivers on this team. Sure Cutler has two good tight ends in Greg Olson and Desmond Clark but he needs some receivers to truly be a fantasy starter.

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears

Grab Jay as you back up from around the tenth round down in your draft and hold onto him until the offense gets into a groove. Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger Right now I would suggest staying away from Ben Roethlisberger all together as he has concerns on the offensive line. The Steelers line is geared more towards the running game and they should be a heavy run first offense with Parker, Mendenhall and Moore. If you can get Ben as a late round backup then you will have him at a good value, but he will probably go earlier because he’s a high profile name. Carolina Panthers DeAngelo Williams This player could be one of the more frustrating players in fantasy this season. Talent wise he could be the most productive fantasy running back around, just like last year with 20 touchdowns. On the other hand he still has Jonathan Stewart on the team and he will no doubt get his touches in the offense. What concerns me most about Stewart is that he is the bigger runner of the two and if DeAngelo Williams should struggle in the red zone, Jon could take those TD’s.


It’s not hard to imagine a situation where in one week Williams has a great day and then the next week Stewart has a big day. In a situation like this, it leaves a fantasy owner frustrated all year not knowing which player will do well in which week.

That scenario is not too bad for Stewart owners as they won’t be drafting him as a first round pick. But for those that have Williams, you will expect him to have another great season. This season is very deep for first round runners, so please grab one of the other players in the first round and then maybe you take a chance on DeAngelo as your No.2 runner.

Oakland Raiders Running back Darren McFadden

Darren McFadden is a very talented player and the Raiders will be a run heavy offense in 2009. The main problem for McFadden is that he has two other runners on the team in Justin Fargas and Michael Bush.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

With the Raiders using a three man attack one has to wonder if McFadden can truly bust out and be the runner we all thought he would be coming out of college. Until Oakland proves they are committed to using Darren as a feature back, or he can at least get the goal line touchdowns, you shouldn’t count on this runner as a starter for your team. Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson For all of you in PPR fantasy football leagues you might get away with a poor touchdown effort from this undersized receiver. No doubt DeSean Jackson should be Donovan McNabb’s No. 1 receiver on the team. But in the end what does it mean to be McNabb’s No. 1 when he likes to spread the ball around. Look for Jackson to have 80 plus receptions and around 1,100 yards this season. While those are good numbers I can’t see DeSean going over 5 touchdowns this season. I would say that DeSean’s mistake against the Cowboys was a once in a life time bone head play (when he dropped the ball a the one yard line) but he’s done it even before that. This guy has to learn to stop show boating before he gets in the end zone. Most of Jackson’s touchdowns will come from twenty yards out as a smaller receiver like this will always have problems inside the red zone. If you receive more then six points in your fantasy league for touchdowns from a distance, then DeSean’s value will move up for those leagues as well. Right now I suggest looking for Jackson as your third receiver in standard league play. If you take this young receiver as your No. 2, I believe he will hurt you with inconsistent production. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Receiver Antonio Bryant Right now I suggest you stay away from every Buccaneer player until the later rounds of your fantasy draft. With so much turnover in the organization and on the field it is hard to trust anyone on this team. My biggest question for any and all players is how will the coaching staff truly utilizes this players? In the past month Antonio Bryant came out publicly and said that he expects to have a lower production this season. Mainly because the offense this year calls for a heavy run first approach. This is obviously a complete change from John Gruden’s pass first offense in past years. Bryant is another receiver like Jackson that is projected to go as a No.2 receiver in your fantasy football league. I believe he would make a better 3rd receiver for your team this year. New Orleans tight end Jeremy Shockey

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons

Last season Jeremy Shockey didn’t even have one freaking touchdown in the season. This off season he got himself in the news again in Vegas as he had to be taken to a hospital. I’m not sure where Jeremy’s head is at and I can’t recommend him as being draft worthy this season.

However Shockey does have talent and if he can correct his “issues” then he could find success this season. Especially when you consider the team he is on and the quarterback he has. I wouldn’t draft Jeremy but if he comes on and looks focused he would make a decent waiver pickup during the season.

San Diego Chargers Kicker Nate Kaeding

Maybe this is my weakness in fantasy football in that I love a kicker that kicks the 50 plus field goals. Nate does not do that well and he is on a team that is very good at converting many drives into touchdowns and not field goals.

Nate Kaeding gets a lot of play because he is on the Chargers but for my money I would not be caught dead with this weak leg kicker as my starter.

Tennessee Titans Defense

True the Titans had a great defensive season last year and have earned a top five defensive ranking. But with the loss of Albert Haynesworth I believe they will fall into the middle of the pack for fantasy defenses this year.

NFL: Dec 14 Titans at Texans
With Albert gone the other players won’t have it so easy as they will have to take on more work with the big man gone. This void should lead to less pressure on the quarterback and less turn overs on the season.

The Titans did well in spots last year without Albert, but it will be much more challenging to excel without him the entire season (just look at the Chargers last year without Shawn Marriman). In the end I would pass on the Titans as your defense for the 2009 season.

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