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Rams: Donnie Avery Out 4 to 6 Weeks with Foot Injury

St. Louis Rams begin mini camp

Today Rams new head coach Steve Spagnuolo broke the news that he expects No.1 receiver Donnie Avery to miss 4 to 6 weeks with a foot injury. With Torry Holt already gone to the Jaguars the Rams are looking to Avery to have a strong season in his second year in the league.

This news no doubt hurts Donnie’s fantasy value for this season as we won’t know how this injury will hold up throughout the season. Even if this foot problem is not expected to keep Avery out for the entire 4-6 one has to wonder how much he is going to lose in building chemistry with starting quarterback Marc Bulger.

A young receiver needs all the reps he can get and losing time like this is not going to help his chances to be a productive receiver in 2009. No doubt this injury may make receivers like Keenan Burton more valuable as he should get some more time in practice.

Effects of the Injury on Fantasy Rankings

I believe the player outside of Marc Bulger and Donnie Avery that will be hurt most by this injury is running back Steven Jackson. This runner was already going to have to face defenses this season without opposing team needing to respect a Holt on the outside.

Baltimore Ravens v St. Louis Rams

Now he has lost the one proven talent in the receiving core that has actually posted strong numbers during stretches of the season.

If Avery can’t get ready for the start of the season and play effectively throughout the year it will only entice defenses to lock down on Jackson more often this year.

Jackson is a talented player but their is only so much a new offensive line can do to help him succeed week in and week out for fantasy owners this season.

If Avery can’t play to the best of his ability’s fantasy owners should give serious thought about dropping Steven into the middle or late 2nd round of their 10 to 12 team fantasy league drafts.

Fantasy Football Information on Donnie Avery

Seattle Seahawks v St. Louis Rams

Even though the head coach has predicted a 4 to 6 week time frame for Avery to be out, he may still recover well as he is a young man. If your fantasy draft is in the middle of August you won’t have the luxury of knowing if Donnie will be fine or not for this season as he will probably still be side lined.

If he does in fact come back and start working out for in September then fantasy owners can go ahead and draft him in the early middle rounds of their drafts.

For those that won’t know it will be a game of chance as to where you should select this young player. It could work out to your advantage as he may fall into the later round because of the injury.

If that happens you might be getting a steal in this years draft as Avery is still a very talented young player. In the end he would make for a great late pick in that scenario.

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