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Saints: Is Robert Meachem Ready to Produce?

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It’s been a very disappointing start for receiver Robert Meachem in New Orleans so far in his career. In Roberts first season on the team he didn’t even find his way into the football field as he played in zero contests that season.

Last season Meachem did show flashes when Marques Colston was out with four touchdowns (one rushing) and a blistering hot 24.1 yards per catch! Unfortunately he only had 12 catches on the season and couldn’t be found on the field once Colston returned to the starting lineup.

This season the Saints are expecting Robert to show the team why they drafted him as a first round pick a few seasons ago. If Meachem can’t deliver this year then his career with this organization is probably finished.

Turning the Corner

This year Robert is much more comfortable with the offense and understanding what it takes to have success at the NFL level. In his rookie season he was plagued by a knee injury and couldn’t preform on the field as he wanted too.

Last year was more of a true rookie season for this young talent as he was trying to figure out what it takes to have success as a receiver at the pro level.

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In the off-season Robert has been handed a true gift from Marques Colston and Lance Moore as both receivers have had surgery and have been limited. These two men being absent have left Meachem with an opportunity to work with the first team in OTA’s and now as came has begun.

Drew Brees has been looking Roberts way more and more as time has progressed as the young receiver is now looking sharper in his route running. Brees has even come out and complimented the young receiver for his hard work in the off-season and how he is look better all the time.

Will Meachem Produce in 2009?

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Right now unless Moore or Colston go down with injuries, Robert won’t be a starter for this team. What I will be watching for to see if Robert is truly ready for an impact this is year, is if he can win the No.3 receiver on the team in camp this year.

If Meachem does in fact win that job it shows that he has truly taken the next step to becoming a fantasy relevant player in football.

Fantasy Football Information on Robert Meachem

Right now Robert is not worth owning on a fantasy roster until he at least wins the No.3 job on the team. This is the most explosive passing offense in fantasy football and if Moore or Colston (had micro-fracture knee surgery this off-season) should go down for awhile then Mechem would move into the starting role.

If this talented player is truly ready to preform and gets a chance to start then he will no doubt make a big impact in fantasy football leagues, for the 2009 season. Many times it takes a receiver until that magical third year in their career to breakout as a pro and I believe Robert can break out this year.

For now keep Meachem as a name on your list of players worth pickup during the season. If he does well in spring games and wins the number three job you might want to stash this player away in the late rounds of your fantasy football draft.

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