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Seahawks: Matt Hasselbeck is Working from the Shot Gun

Washington Redskins v Seattle Seahawks

This entire summer I’ve been talking up Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck as a nice sleeper quarterback to take this season. When I read the news today that Matt has been working in the shot gun and T.J. Houshmandzadeh is looking sharpe in camp it made me like this quarterback even more.


What I probably like most about the Seahawks is that they are a team that had a very bad season a year ago. That might sound finny to hear but when you look at the reasons why they lost it makes them an interesting team for this season.

Last year Seattle was decimated by injury and never got off on the right foot from the opening day of the year in Buffalo. But this year the team is is better shape and Matt finally has a true No.1 receiver on the team in Houshmandzadeh.

With a clean bill of health and a new weapon to throw to this season could be a fun one in Seattle.

One Season Removed

Let us not forget that Hasselbeck is just one season removed from his career best season on 3,966 yards passing and 28 touchdowns passes. These numbers happened because Shaun Alexander was done as a legit running back in the NFL and the Seahawks needed to throw the football, without their great running back to lean on.

This year the Seahawks still don’t have a legit star running back as they will be using a three headed running game in Julius Jones, T.J. Duckett and Justin Forsett. With an this type of running talent one has to believe that the Seahawks will need to lean on Hasselbeck in order to make a run at the western division title in 2009.

So far in camp Matt is looking sharpe and is building chemistry with Houshmandzadeh and his second year tight end John Carlson.

Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks in Seattle

While Deion Branch and Nate Burlson will be in the mix throughout the season I believe that Housh and Carlson are the players you will want in fantasy football this season. Both of those players should post good touchdown totals as they are the best suited for opportunities inside the red zone.

Fantasy Football Information on Matt Hasselbeck

Look for Matt to go in the late rounds of your fantasy football draft. While their are many reasons to believe Hasselbeck will have success this season, most fantasy owners are not going to commit to even looking at him in their draft this year.

Because of this you can snag this quarterback up at a very reasonable price and stash him away for a time when you need him.

Seattle Seahawks Minicamp

This team needs Matt to produce if they are going to do anything this season and he has the best tools in order to succeed then he’s ever had in his career. Draft Hasselbeck and enjoy a fine sleeper season from this veteran pro bowl quarterback.

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