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Seahawks vs Chargers: LT Plays in Preseason| Player Rankings

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Seattle Seahawks v San Diego Chargers

This was truly a game of injured players returning to action as the Chargers and Seahawks faced off in a Saturday night matchup. For the Chargers we saw Shawne Merriman suit up after he missed almost the entire season a year before. We also saw Matt Hasselbeck come back for the Seahawks as he had a bad back last year.

The player that might have been most interesting to see play in this game was Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson as he usually doesn’t play much in he preseason.

LT plays and Merriman looks good

I’m happy to see that LaDainian is going to play more this preseason as I believe he has had slow starts to the regular season because he doesn’t play in these games. Like Tom Brady in New England, LT had to lobby to his coaches to play in the game as he wanted to be ready to role from week one of the regular season and not have a slow start.

Seattle Seahawks v San Diego Chargers LT’s numbers didn’t blow anyone away but I will be interested to see if he has any ill effects injury wise from playing in the preseason. If he is fine and has a good bill of health to start the regular season then I think he will be one of the top three fantasy football running backs coming into this year. Shawne Merriman played and from the reports from the game they say he look like he had his old speed back, even though he only had one tackle in his time on the field.

His health will be vitally important for a team that needs him so much for their collective success this season.

Hassebeck is back and health

Matt Hasselbeck didn’t play much but it is going to be crucially important that Matt does infact stay healthy if this team is going to challenge the Cardinals for the Western Division Title.

Other then that it was a boring day at the office for the Seahawks in the early action of their first preseason game. Hopefully there will be more to report on next week.

Seattle Seahawks v San Diego Chargers

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