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Texans’ Andre Johnson is a PPR Stud| Football Information

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It has taken a few seasons for Andre Johnson to finally be the beast we all thought he could be in fantasy football. While he has still never been a great touchdown maker (yet) in his career, you can hang your hate on the fact that he will have another 100 catch season.

The Texans offense is ready to role and have it’s finest season in franchise history. I also fully believe that Houston is primed to make a playoff run in 2009 as they should have a high scoring offense all year.

The center piece of that offense is two main players, one of them is second year running back Steve Slaton and the other is beast receiver Andre Johnson.

Writer John McClain recently wrote on that Andre has yet to even drop a freaking pass in camp and is looking better then ever before. I don’t know if Johnson has really not dropped a pass or not but this article does show you that Andre is fully committed to being a super star player.

Houston Texans Training Camp

A Reason to Believe

One of the reasons I believe the Texans are primed for a great year is that their offensive line is finally starting to take shape in the past season and a half and looks ready to allow their star players the ability to succeed.

The offensive line play has dogged this franchise for most of it’s short history and I do believe it’s poor play was a big reason why Johnson struggled in his early years.

With the line ready to rumble and defenses now having to respect the running game this year in Steve Slaton, look for the passing lanes down the field to open up again for Andre.

Not only that but defenses will also have to respect Kevin Walter and tight end Owen Daniels as they are also proven talents in this offense as well.

NFL: Pro Bowl-AFC Practice
All this production around Andre just insures that defenses can’t just try and take him out of the game as they will be killed by the rest of the team. With so much talent and Johnson at the top of his game, one has to believe this could be a career year for Johnson in 2009.

Fantasy Football Information for Andre Johnson

This guy is a total PPR stud as he catches so many passes and racks up the yardage. One area we need to see Andre grow in is his touchdown totals as he only had eight a season ago. That total is not bad by any stretch but to be the best receiver in fantasy football you need to prove you can have a 12 plus touchdown season.

Look for Andre to provide that type of season this year as he will be one of the top four receiver to go off of just about every fantasy football draft board this summer.

Houston Texans vs Jacksonville Jaguars - November 12, 2006

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