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Viking Fans: The Sage Rosenfels Experience Has Begun


To say that the last week has been a disappointment for Vikings fans in terms of their quarterback situation is an understatement. First Brett Favre came out and decided to stay retired and then over the weekend Tarvaris Jackson hurts his knee.

While the Vikings are saying they aren’t concerned about Jackson’s injury, this team should be concerned about his ability’s overall. Tarvaris is probably one of those players that does a good job coming in off the bench and providing a spark for his team. I don’t believe he is best suited to be the starter from day one however and this knee problem will not help his chances to win the starting spot.

With Favre a no go and Jackson incapable of being a true starter this leaves the Vikings with Sage Rosenfels as the lead man for the job.

The many faces of Sage

Sage Rosenfels is a man of many faces and Texan fans (his old team) would probably tell you they never knew what to expect from this guy on every snap of the ball. In stretches Sage can look like a guy that might actually be a darn good player.

No doubt his has the ability to lead an offense up and down the field and puts some points on the board. But then there is another side of this gunslinger that can put points on his opponents team just as fast.

In many ways Sage reminds me of the 49ers starting quarterback last year in J.T. O’Sullivan. Last year J.T. would put up some big drives and look good but then he would throw two picks and fumble the ball away, in the next three drives.

While Rosenfels does have talent and can do well in stretches, I believe he is just to much of a river boat gambler to stay as the Vikings quarterback longer the 10 games this season.

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans

Sage Rosenfels Fantasy Football Impact on the Vikings

If in fact Sage does win the starting job out of the gate in 2009, I believe it will make Bernard Berrian and the rest of the offense more valuable from a fantasy perspective. True Sage does make turnovers and that is bad in real football but in fantasy you want the stats and this quarterback can do that.

With Sage in the backfield he should make defenses pay for trying to load too many defenders into the box as the try and stop Adrian Peterson. Once Rosenfels beats the defense deep enough they will play back and that is probably when Sage will start turning the ball over.

The only fantasy football position player (other then Jackson of course) that will be hurt by Sage starting is the Vikings defense. If Sage keeps giving up touchdowns to the opponents defense, it will hurt the stats of the Vikings fantasy points this year.

Minnesota Vikings v Miami Dolphins

In the end Sage makes for a nice late round backup quarterback to use when your stud quarterback is on a bye week. If your looking for anything more then that from Rosenfels you will be in trouble this season.

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