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Well how about that, Brett Favre is a freaking Viking after all.

I’m not sure what I liked most about hearing the news today that Brett was going to be a Viking this year. Maybe I like the fact that most Viking players is a now more valuable fantasy wise just because he’s on the team. Or maybe it’s the fact that I will still get to see one of my favorite players for just another season, even if he is a douche bag.

In the end I’m happy to see that I was right on my prediction that Brett Favre would be a Viking and this team is now primed to make a serious super bowl run.

Fantasy Football Shakedown

This move helps everyone on the team other then the now backup quarterbacks Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels.

With Favre defenses will now be forced to respect the passing game and especially down the field. This will open up the running lanes and make Adrian Peterson the hands down No.1 running back to draft in any freaking draft (Even for you PPR players with an MJD man crush) format.

Beyond just making Peterson that much better this move will also make the Vikings Defense a fantasy elite this season as they will now benefit from the long consistent drives that this offense will have. Not only will the defense be fresh but this team should be in the lead as they will score a good amount of points this year and that will provide more opportunity’s for sacks as the opponents offense throws the ball more.

In the passing game all the receivers and tight end Visanthe Shiancoe are more valuable as they now have a legit quarterback throwing the football their way.

Fantasy Football Information on Brett Favre


While Favre’s return does make those around him better I wouldn’t recommend you draft this old man for anything more then a backup quarterback this season. This team is best suited to run first and play strong defense.

Brett will have some big days but he will probably not give you the consistency that you will need from him every week to be a good fantasy football quarterback.

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Comments (2)

  • Dan

    How much better Favre really make Peterson though? Sure he's more of a pass threat than Jackson or Sage, but he's also just as likely to throw an interception the last four years as he is a touchdown.

    Is it possible that his wanting to pass and likelihood of throwing interceptions will take the ball out of A Pete's hands?

  • Sean Douglas- fantasy-info

    Don't matter in fantasy for Peterson if Favre throws a pick here and there. Besides you can't tell me Sage or Jackson would throw just as many.

    In the end defenses won't be able to load up to 9 men in the box (as they did with regularity last year) and this will free the lanes for Peterson.

    He may not run for more yards over but you should expect to see his touchdown total move up as he should be a lock for 15 now this season.

    In the end I would expect more of those big electric runs we saw from Adrian in his rookie season.

    Last year he had big runs but he did finish the deal for touchdowns as often. Heck that big td run against the Giants week 17 didn't even count in many fantasy leagues as they don't play the last week.

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