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Washington Reskins: Devin Thomas to Push Antwaan Randle El

Washington Redskins vs New York Giants

The buzz out of Washington is that Devin Thomas is ready to push Antwaan Randle El for the No.2 starting spot on the team. This move would be a wise one for the Redskins as it would give them a big receiver (6’2, 218 pounds) to start opposite of the undersized Santana Moss.

Antwaan Randle El is still a valuable player for his team but he would be best used in the slot as his game is better suited for that position on the field.

Devin Thomas was thought of by many to be the most talented receiver to come out of last years draft. That might not be saying much as there wasn’t a signal receiver taken in the first round of last years draft. However I believe in part that was because the NFL was coming off one of the biggest statistical seasons for receivers in NFL history.

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With so many receivers having good or great seasons most team didn’t have receiver as a top priority coming into that particular draft.

Can Devin Make an Impact as a Start This Year?

If Devin does in fact win the starting job I do believe he will help this football team out a good deal in his first starting season. This team has needed a wide out like this since maybe as far back as when they lost Art Monk.

For those of you that are young to football that is going a long way back in the books for an organization as heralded as this one.

Washington Redskins Training Camp

This season Jason Campbell’s starting career is on the line and I expect him to be on the top of his game like never before. I love the way Jason handled all the trade rumors when the team was making a play for Broncos then quarterback Jay Cutler.

But that is not the only time that Campbell has had to deal with the organization placing heat on him as they have openly doubted if this quarterback is the right man to start for this team.

Even just today their are reports that the team is considering making a passable play for ex-convict Michael Vick.

While it may seem that the Redskins have no faith in Jason I believe it is just the opposite (for now anyway) as I believe they are doing all this to push this young quarterback to being better.

Look for Jason and his receivers to come out of the gates firing away as they play the Rams and Lions in two of their first three contests for the season. True they do play the New York Giants in week one but those other games are primed for Jason and Devin to put some numbers up.

Washington Redskins Minicamp

Thomas and Campbell while they are not going to be fantasy football starters for your team are good options during the bye weeks this year. The will face a few match ups in that time that are worth exploring if your in a pinch for a starter.

With games like the Chiefs, Falcons and Broncos on the docket you will have a chance to use these players in key situations to help for fantasy team stay afloat.

Fantasy Football Information for Devin Thomas

Look for Devin to win the job out of camp if he continues to shine on the field and in the film room. This receiver has turned a complete 180 and is now taking his career serious and becoming a professional.

Thomas has the speed to make big plays in the passing game and the size to score inside the red zone.

Assuming Thomas does in fact win the job look for him as a very nice late round sleeper or early season pickup for your 2009 fantasy football team.

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