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Auction Values Mock Draft: September 10 Teams | Fantasy Football

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2009 Mock Draft- August Auction Draft Cheat Sheet for Fantasy Football

September Auction Mock Draft Board

Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots

With the fantasy football season starting in just a short while from now I thought it would be a good idea to have one last mock draft for auction league play. This mock is for all of you fantasy football owners that like drafting your team as close to the start of the season as possible. Below I have a link to our mock drafts for standard league play from August. If you like you can click on the link and see where different players have gone as the season has drawn closer. After the monthly mock draft postings, I have selected a few points of interest that I wanted to talk about. August Auction League Mock Draft Board Over Paying Early in the Draft The first time I selected to talk about drafted Adrian Peterson (80 dollars) and Michael Turner (65 dollars). This draft was a standard 200 dollar budget and when a fantasy owner drafts two players for 145 dollars you end up with the starting lineup below. QB.- Tom Brady RB.- Adrian Peterson RB.- Michael Turner WR.- Ted Ginn Jr. WR.- Steve Breaston Flex.-Josh Morgan TE.- Kellen Winslow K.- Robbie Gould D.- Panthers BN.- Ricky Williams BN.- Bobby Engram BN.- Jerious Norwood BN.- Mushin Muhammed BN.- Kevin Boss BN.- Glen Coffee BN.- Jake Delhomme Outside of his running backs and Tom Brady (38 dollars) this team will suffer at receiver and the depth of the team is not strong. I would definitely say that this team is one of an inexperience fantasy owner. Minnesota Vikings v Houston Texans

No doubt the team above is an extreme example of what can happen if you spend a lot of money on just a few players.

Finding Solid Balance

While the team above was spend happy early on, I noticed another team in our mock draft that did a good job of waiting for good buys and spreading his wealth out. Below is a good example of what can happen when you spend reasonably at your draft.

QB.- Matt Schaub
RB.- Marion Barber
RB.- Kevin Smith
WR.-Marques Colston
WR.-Vincent Jackson
Flex.-Derrick Ward
TE.- Jason Witten
K.- David Akers
D.- Steelers

BN.- LenDale White
BN.- Chad Ochocinco
BN.- Donovan McNabb
BN.- Knowshon Moreno
BN.- Cedric Benson
BN.- Ben Roethlisberger
BN.- Fred Taylor

The only problem I have with this team is that they don’t have a great game breaking talent at running back. Sure Barber, Smith, Ward, Moreno and McFadden are all good talents but it’s always nice to have that one player that can go off at any time. Maybe McFadden or Moreno can be that runner for this team.

Other than a great playmaker this team is loaded with talent up and down the list as they had the most balanced team of all ten fantasy owners in the draft.

Super Bowl XLIII

Auction Draft Wrap Up

After all is said and done, in fantasy football you can draft a good team and having solid depth always helps. But if your key players get injured and your team is one of the highest teams scored against in your head to head leagues, than your in trouble.

Of the two teams listed above I would say that the second one has the best chance to go through the injuries and make it to the playoffs in their respective fantasy league. The first team mentioned had best hope that Peterson, Turner or Brady don’t go down to injury or they are finished.

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