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2009 NFL Regular Season Schedules | Fantasy Football Rankings

San Francisco 49ers v San Diego Chargers

The NFL regular season is coming up soon and that means the fantasy football season is about to begin as well. No doubt your favorite NFL team and your fantasy players are going to face some hard matchups and some easy ones in their respective schedules.

Below we have an embed link to our schedule listing for every team and which teams they play week one through week seventeen. We also have available the date and time (east coast standard time) for every game in the regular season as well.

Underneath the NFL schedule we have attached a link to the specific schedule for every team in the NFL. Feel free to download the schedule of your team or the teams in which your fantasy players are on.

After that I have selected three teams and have some information about their up coming season.
2009 NFL Teams Regular Season Schedule – Fantasy Football Rankings





Strength of Schedule

vs Run 7th Easiest Schedule

vs Pass 11th Easiest Schedule

vs Points Given Up 14th Easiest Schedule

This season should be one of spreading the ball around to multiple players in the running game and the passing game. The main reason for this is because the Steelers have good capable depth in both categories and it would be wise to keep their players fresh and make defenses think twice about players like Rashard Mendenhall or Limas Sweed.

Washington Redskins v Baltimore Ravens

On paper the Steelers have a good schedule to take advantage of but because they are the super bowl champs every team will give them a little extra in every week. If Ben Roethlisberger can stay healthy than this team should have success once again.

Arizona Cardinals: Games of Interest

Fantasy Playoffs weeks 14 – 16 49ers, Lions, Rams: It’s hard to ask for a better schedule for a team to have in the fantasy football playoffs than the one the Cardinals will have this year. All three of the teams they will face could very well be waiting till next year as they are losing franchises.

Unlike last season when the Cardinals spent their time with the Patriots and Vikings in the fantasy playoffs, this season they have a chance to do some real damage to help you win a fantasy title. Look for Arizona players to be solid producers in your run for a championship as they should win the division with these games.

Green Bay Packers v Arizona Cardinals

It will be interesting to see if rookie running back Chris “Beanie” Wells will take over around this time of the season as the Cardinals feature running back. If he does you will most definitely want him on your team just for this stretch run.

San Diego Chargers: 2009 Football Projection

The Chargers may not win 12 games this season but they should coast to a division championship with a 10 win season. However if San Diego is serious about winning a championship this year they will need home field advantage and to get that they will need at least 13 wins this season.

In the end I believe the Chargers will win the division but they probably play too many competitive teams to take home field this year. Look for the Chargers to have another good year and come up short in the playoffs.
Seattle Seahawks v San Diego Chargers

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