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Packers vs Titans: Vince Young Plays Well | Player Rankings

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Green Bay Packers v Tennessee Titans

For the most part both the Packers and the Titans had their starting offenses on the field for the first drive of the game. Outside of some nice running by Chris Johnson, neither teams starters did very much.

Vince Young Playing Well

It’s been a long past 12 months for quarterback Vince Young as he lost his starting job to Kerry Collins almost a full year ago. While Young has had his ups and downs in his time with the Titans he is starting to look like the quarterback we all expected him to be out of Texas University.

Green Bay Packers v Tennessee Titans

Today he had another good showing as he flashed his passing and running skills. In the air Young was 7 of 12 passing for 85 yards and a touchdown pass. On the ground Young ran 5 times for 38 yards and a rushing touchdown.

This is the kind of play that you would expect from this talented young football player and it was nice to see him celebrating with his teammates. Hopefully Young can build on this preseason and transition it to good play from this point on, in his career.

Packers Report

Back up quarterback Brian Brohm had a good game as he was 20 of 28 passing for 154 yards on the day. He did take two sacks and this is the second consecutive week he has allowed that many sacks.

Green Bay Packers v Tennessee Titans
To Brohm’s credit he does look to be getting better and in a year or two he will probably make for a good backup for this team. Lets hope Aaron Rodgers stays healthy this season as I’m not sure Brohm is ready to lead the Packers to victories this season.

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