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Ok, ok I know what your saying, “Hey this is a fantasy football information site not a fantasy basketball site”. If you thought that then I must say your right, but I just thought I would take some time to write about some of my favorite sites for fantasy basketball.

For the past few years I have been playing on and the leagues aren’t too bad on that site. You also have the other normal sites like Espn, CBS sports line, Fox sports and others that do a good job at free fantasy basketball play.

Personally, I’ve never been in a private fantasy basketball league where everyone gets together at a house or pizza parlor and drafts. In other sports that I’ve participated in, this format of play is by far the most enjoyable.

Roto Information

My favorite site for quick information about basketball daily has to be as they give decent info every day.

Finding out which players will suit up for that night is important as you can make changes to your daily lineups. In the long run, it always helps to see what is going on out there in the basketball world for fantasy basketball.

Now that I’ve rambled long enough about the different sites about fantasy basketball I think I will be quiet now and go away.

Good luck in your fantasy basketball leagues this season.

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