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Michael Crabtree Signs with San Francisco 49ers | NFL Football Rankings

It’s been a long time coming but Michael Crabtree has finally signed with the San Francisco 49ers. As we all know by now, Crabtree had threatened to hold out for the entire season and go back into next years draft.

In the end, Crabtree came to his senses and realized that the best deal he was going to get was with the 49ers, right now.

Did the Jets Tamper with Michael Crabtree?

I find it interesting that at the same time Crabtree signs with the 49ers, the Jets deal for Braylon Edwards. A few weeks ago the 49ers filed tampering charges against the Jets for contacting Crabtree about a contract.

We will find out more about this situation as the league is looking into this tampering charge.

What I find even more interesting than the Jets trading for Edwards was that they gave up a third and fifth round pick for him.

The 49ers were stripped of, I believe, a third round pick when they tampered with Bears linebacker Lance Briggs.

Maybe the Jets figured they would lose middle round picks so why not trade them away and get Edwards before they lose them anyway.

That is obviously total speculation, but the Edwards trade, at this time, is very interesting none the less.

Michael Crabtree’s Impact on the 49ers Offense

San Francisco 49ers Minicamp

After this weeks game against the Falcons the 49ers have their bye week. This will give Crabtree a couple weeks to get ready for San Francisco’s week seven game against the Texans.

If Crabtree plays in that game he will play in Houston and that means he will be back in his home state of Texas. This is a funny occurrence as he will start his pro career right where he left off in college.

Look for the 49ers to work in different packages for Crabtree. He may only get one or two catches a game but for the 49ers offense that could be a big deal.

Simply put the 49ers offense isn’t all that explosive and any help they can get is welcomed.

In the long run I believe Crabtree will be the 49ers true No.1 receiver and be a good top 20 fantasy football receiver in a few years.

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