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Rams: Donnie Avery Needs to Step it Up | NFL Fantasy Football Rankings

St. Louis Rams v Seattle Seahawks

The Rams have had another miserable start to the season and one would hope they can turn it around. Against the Vikings at the end of the game Donnie Avery caught a touchdown pass from Marc Bulger, and I’m hoping this connection can produce from here.

Avery is now the No.1 receiver in St. Louis and ironically the man that used to be is playing against the Rams this week. That man is Jaguars veteran receiver Torry Holt and to be honest he hasn’t done much in Jacksonville.

Steven Jackson Needs Avery to Produce

Now, Avery is probably not on many fantasy football teams because of the Rams anemic ways. I do believe he can be a productive fantasy football receiver this season, but he needs to get things turned around.

A season ago Avery started out slow but around this time of the year he started to get hot. While he did fade away in the second half, you could see this young receiver had talent and was fantasy relevant.

Rams vs. Packers

One player that has even more fantasy relevance in St. Louis is their star running back Steven Jackson. Right now, Jackson is desperate for the Rams to start having some respectability in the passing game.

With no respect in the passing game defenses are loading up to stop Jackson and are doing a very good job of bottling him up.

Understanding this it is easy to understand why Jackson is having another slow start to the season.

Furthermore, this is why I didn’t believe Jackson was even close to a top ten fantasy running back coming into the season.

It’s not that Jackson is a bad runner, it’s just that he has a very bad team around him.

Fantasy Football Ranking for Donnie Avery

If Avery can get something started this weekend against the Jaguars, I would recommend you pick him up on your fantasy football team. This young man is still the top receiver on this team, and eventually he will have success.

Below I have a list of the Rams’ schedule from here on out, and as you can see Avery has much better opportunities than he did early on.

Dallas Cowboys v St. Louis Rams

With a good schedule to pass against the rest of the season, look for Avery and Jackson to start producing better fantasy football numbers.

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