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Bengals: The Larry Johnson Effect | NFL Fantasy Football Player Rankings

Kansas City Chiefs v Cincinnati Bengals

This week the Cincinnati Bengals signed running back Larry Johnson to the team. This move has been made as a precaution in case Cedric Benson should have problems with his current hip injury.

The game plan right now is that the Bengals are hopeful Benson will be able to play this weekend against the Raiders. This very well may not happen, but it is fully expected that Benson will return next week against the Cleveland Browns.

If Benson should miss this week’s contest than expect the team to start rookie Bernard Scott and use Brian Lenard as a third down specialist.

The team may activate Johnson as the third running back if Benson does not start but his playing time will be limited.

Fantasy Game Plan

Expect Benson to be out this week as it would help him get his hip strong for the rest of the season. Next week is a more important game for the Bengals because the Browns are a division game.

For this coming week Scott makes for a good starter as the Raiders aren’t playing very good football. Scott has breakaway ability as we saw him score the only touchdown for either team last week on a 96-yard kickoff return.

Bengals Bernard Scott Returns Kickoff for Touchdown in Pittsburgh

Look for the Bengals to take Scott off of kick return duties if he should start at tailback.

Beyond that play, you might want to hang onto Scott if he runs effectively as he would be the starting tail back again if Benson should have a setback with his hip injury.

Larry Johnson’s Fantasy Value

Johnson may be a factor once we get into December but for the next few week’s, he probably won’t be a factor.

If Benson should have continued problem’s then look for Johnson to be active on game day’s for the Bengals. Beyond that I believe Scott will have to run ineffectively for Johnson to become a solid option in the running game.

It is possible you could see him become the goal line back as Scott is a little undersized. Other than that Johnson will be a non factor the rest of the way.

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