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Bengals- Ravens: Cedric Benson Post 100 Day Again | NFL Fantasy Football Rankings

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals

Many NFL annalists felt that there was no way the Bengals would beat the Ravens for a second time this year. The Ravens were coming off a dominant performance against the Broncos last week and looked like they were ready to start a winning streak.

Cedric Benson Runs Hard

This season has been a great one for fantasy football owners with Cedric Benson on their team(s).

The last time Benson played the Ravens, he posted the first 100 yard rushing game against their defense in years. This time around one had to believe that the Ravens would be ready for Benson and not allow him to go over the century mark twice.

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals

By games end Benson posted 34 carries for 117 yards rushing and a touchdown run. The Bengals road Benson for their second win against the Ravens and their 4th win in the division.

The Bengals are still atop the division as they get ready for the Steelers next week . If they can win that game, they will have swept the Steelers and Ravens for the season.

Joe Flacco Struggles

The Bengals defense sure seems to have Joe Flacco’s number as they frustrated him two times this season.

Whatever this defense has figured out on how to stop his talented quarterback has sure worked.

I still believe the Ravens will make a run for the playoffs but one has to believe that the team will have to get in as a wild card.

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