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Buffalo Bills: Dick Jauron Era is Over | NFL Fantasy Football Rankings

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets

This week the Buffalo Bills decided to fire head coach Dick Jauron. Defensive coordinator Perry Fewell will take over as interim head coach upon his promotion. This season has been a complete train wreck for this organization, since they released LT Langston Walker and fired OC Turk Schonert just before the season began.

While Fewell’s defense has struggled against the run because of injuries to their best run stuffer’s, they’ve been decent against the pass.

Change Has Come

Upon Fewell’s promotion the team benched quarterback Trent Edwards and will use Ryan Fitzpatrick as the starter. Fitzpatrick did a good job of game management when he was starting.

Buffalo Bills v  New York Jets

Look for the Bills to run the football early and often with Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson as Fewell tries to keep is defense rested.

In the passing game Fitzpatrick should have no problem finding Lee Evans as the two have good chemistry together.

Terrell Owens is a non egsistant fantasy football option and is probably not worth a roster spot on your team. Now that Fitz is the quarterback, I wouldn’t expect Owens to do much (other than get cut from the team) for the rest of the season.

Beyond ’09

After this season, the Bills need to do two things to get themselves back on track. First they need to get some offensive linemen and rebuild the once solid line they had a few year’s ago. Next they need to get some big boys in the middle of their defense to help stop the running game.

If they can do this than the Bills should be a competitive team once again in 2010.

For the rest of this season Lee Evans is an every week starter and Marshawn Lynch makes for a good play when he has a solid matchup.

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