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Let’s Face It…LaDainian Tomlinson is Washed Up | NFL Fantasy Football Rankings

San Diego Chargers v Oakland Raiders

Last season fantasy football players could see that LaDainian Tomlinson had lost a step and wasn’t the dominant player of years past. Before the pre-season started, I was in Tomlinson corner believing that he could mount a comeback this year.

I felt that his poor season (for his standards) was mainly because he chose to play on his turf toe injury that he suffered week one of the season.

My thoughts about Tomlinson change when I saw how he was running in the pre-season. Each time Tomlinson was about to burst through the line and into the secondary he stumbled and went to the ground.

This was concerning because of his toe issue and the fact that he had a groin problem at the end of the season.

Before the Chargers third pre-season game against the Falcons’ head coach Norv Turner decided to sit Tomlinson for the game. Turner was concerned about running Tomlinson on the turf in Atlanta.

When I heard this, I was convinced that it was time to rank the once great running back down to at least a second round pick in ten to twelve team leagues.

From Bad to Worse

While Tomlinson didn’t have a good pre-season I never thought he would fall as hard as he has this season.

Just a season ago Tomlinson was one of only nine running backs to total over ten touchdowns and over 1,500 all purpose yards. As mentioned before, he posted those numbers while battling turf toe all year.

This season Tomlinson was injured week one against the Raiders and missed the next few games.

San Diego Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs

For the season Tomlinson has just 289 yards rushing on 91 carries and is averaging 3.2 yards per carry. Not only that but Tomlinson’s receiving totals are down to an all time low with nine receptions for only 40 yards.

This is not the running back that fantasy football players have known for so long, and I don’t believe we will see that runner again.

Tomlinson’s worst performance may have come last week against the Giants when he carried the football twelve times for only 22 yards. After the game Tomlinson was even talking about retirement as he was questioning if he would ever play in New York again.

Star players are usually the last person to realize that they are washed up and done. Seeing that even Tomlinson is starting to acknowledge this is saying a lot about his future.

Fantasy Football Ranking for LaDainian Tomlinson

At best I would consider Tomlinson a flex play option for the rest of this season. There are already rumors that Tomlinson will be released after this season, and I believe that is what the Chargers will do.

This team needs a new running back to go with their stealer passing attack.

Tomlinson will continue to start for the rest of the season and is always has a chance to score at the stripe. Other than that this runner has seen his better days, and if he can’t start playing better this year he should retire this offseason.

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Comments (2)

  • Anonymous

    Turner made Tomlinson what he was !! Turner was traded and Tomlinson has not been the same !!

  • Sean Douglas- fantasy-info

    Hmmm…Have to disagree with that thinking. Tomlinson was a great running back before Turner was even on the team.

    No doubt Turner helped the team out the last few years he was with the Chargers and is a great back with the Falcons.

    But he never made LT what he was, Tomlinson is a hall of fame running back. He made himself what he was with hard work and God given ability.

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