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Putting the Burner Back In Michael Turner | NFL Fantasy Football Rankings

Falcons vs. Skins

Before the eighth week of the fantasy football season if you told me Michael Turner was a bust I would’ve agreed. Even though Turner had seven touchdowns in his first six games of the year he wasn’t running worth a darn.

Not only did Turner have a very low yard per carry average, but he didn’t seem to have the burst that gave him the nickname Burner.

When I watched the Falcons play the Cowboys and third running back Jason Snelling looked faster than Turner, I started to think his workload from a year ago hurt him bad.

The Turn Around

Week eight the Falcons played the Saints and Turner ripped into their defense for 151 yards rushing on twenty carries and had a touchdown. This performance was a complete 180 from the runner I saw just eight days before.

In this game Turner showed the power and speed from a year ago as he punished the Saints continually.

Last week against the Redskins Turner put the Burners back on and smoked Washington for 166 yards on eighteen carries and scored two long touchdowns.

The final exclamation point to me that showed Turner was back was one his last touchdown run of the game. On that 58-yard touchdown scamper Turner burst through the hole and went head on with Redskins safety Laron Landry.

Landry just dropped to the ground hoping that he would slow down Turner. This safety truly wanted nothing to do with Turner coming straight at him. Turner meet Landry’s pathetic attempt for a tackle and jumped over him and ran the rest of the way for the score.

Not only has Turner shown his burst of speed, but he’s also striking fear in the hearts of safety’s and corners that are coming his way.

It All Starts Up Front

Any NFL fan has heard the saying, “it all starts up front.” Those words may be over used at times, but they are so very true.

If your front line on offense or defense isn’t strong than the rest of the squad will play below their abilities.

A big part of Turner’s turnaround is that his offensive line is doing a great job in run blocking. This couldn’t be said in the weeks leading up to this surge of production.

All of a sudden, offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey decided to try a few different things in the run blocking scheme and man has it worked.

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp

The o-line is blowing holes open for Turner on a regular basis and if this continues Turner will be a monster down the stretch.

Fantasy Football Ranking for Michael Turner

It’s about time to crown Turner as one of the top five running backs in fantasy football. Sure, Turner was the second to fifth pick in just about all fantasy drafts this year, but he didn’t play that way early on.

Now Turner has the burst of speed back and should be a great help for fantasy owners to make it to the playoffs and win championships.

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