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Week 10: 2009 NFL Team Power Rankings | Fantasy Football Team Rankings

Carolina Panthers v New Orleans Saints

As we move into week ten for the NFL football season there are still two teams that are undefeated and atop the NFL power rankings. Outside of the Colts and Saints fabulous starters we still have other teams like the Vikings, Patriots, Steelers and even Bengals that are closing in the rankings.

Below we have a short right up on the top ten teams on our power rankings for this season. These teams are important to know as they are playing well and should continue to help fantasy teams.

Furthermore, pay attention to the worst teams on the list as they are the teams you want to have your players going against down the stretch.

1. Saints (8-0)

Drew Brees and the Saints are still winning ball games but the last three weeks they’ve been close to losing.

Looking past this teams recent struggles it is easy to see they are vastly improved from last year. The big turnaround for this team is when they picked up defensive coordinator Greg Williams.

His impact on the defense has given them respectability on that side of the football. Not to mention fantasy football relevance.

2. Colts (8-0)

Peyton Manning and the Colts’ offense have slowed down in touchdown production the past two weeks. If they have any shot of staying undefeated this week against the Patriots, they will need to turn up the point scoring once again.

3. Vikings (7-1)

Brett Favre has made a major impact on this team as they now have balance on offense and as a team. With Favre at the helm forgotten receivers like Sidney Rice have come out of the wood work and become fantasy starting players.

As long as Favre continues to stay healthy this team will continue to roll and could be atop the NFL power rankings soon.

4. Patriots (6-2)

The Patriots’ offense has come on strong in the past three games and Tom Brady is looking better all the time. If the Colts continue their struggles in scoring offense than I fully expect the Patriots to win this weekend.

Going forward I wouldn’t be surprised if the Patriots’ defense gets stronger and the end up in the Super Bowl.

5. Steelers (6-2)

Sure the Bengals are 6 and 2 and have beaten the Steelers this year, but I’m still going with the champs. The Steelers proved on Monday night against the Broncos why they are still one of the best teams in football.

With the emergence of Rashard Mendenhall in the running game the Steelers can now lean on the running game when they need to. I expect them to win this weekend against the Bengals.

6. Bengals (6-2)

This season has been a pleasant surprise for the Bengals. With Cedric Benson doing his best Rudi Johnson impersonation and the defense emerging this team is ready for the playoffs.

Cincinnati has already beaten the Ravens twice this season and beat the Steelers. This week they play the Steelers in Pittsburgh, and I expect the Bengals to lose. If the Bengals do, in fact, win, they will be the clear favorite to win the AFC North.

7. Broncos (6-2)

The past two weeks have been tough for the once undefeated Denver Broncos. This weekend they should get healthy with a blowout win against the Redskins.

From a fantasy perspective, we need to see this team go down the field more often. Doing so with help fantasy football values of Kyle Orton, Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal and Tony Scheffler.

8. Cowboys (6-2)

If the Cowboys can put two road wins together this weekend against the Packers I will truly believe in their turnaround. As it stands right now Dallas is the favorite to win the NFC East as they are in first place.

Miles Austin has made a major impact on this team and will be a top 15 fantasy receiver coming into next year.

9. Falcons (5-3)

Having the Falcons ranked this high is very debatable, but I just believe they are the more balanced team of all the 5 and 3 teams. With Matt Ryan’s steady play in the passing game and Michael Turner’s re-emergence, this team is rolling.

10. Cardinals (5-3)

I would have the Eagles above the Cardinals if they prove to me, they can win without the big play in the air. For a team like the Eagles to drop a game to the Raiders is just not worthy of being in the top ten teams right now.

While the Cardinals haven’t run the ball great they have proven they can win on the road this season. Because of their undefeated record on the road and solid run defense, I’m willing to give them a pass for their loss to the Panthers.

  • 11. Eagles (5-3)
  • 12. Chargers (5-3)
  • 13. Texans (5-4)
  • 14. Giants (5-4)
  • 15. Ravens (4-4)
  • 16. Jets ( 4-4)
  • 17. Packers (4-4)
  • 18. 49ers (3-5)
  • 19. Dolphins (3-5)
  • 20. Bears (4-4)
  • 21. Jaguars (4-4)
  • 22. Titans (2-6)
  • 23. Seahawks (3-5)
  • 24. Panthers (3-5)
  • 25. Bills (3-5)
  • 26. Raiders (2-6)
  • 27. Chiefs (1-7)
  • 28. Buccaneers (1-7)
  • 29. Lions (1-7)
  • 30. Redskins (2-6) Has this team given up?
  • 31. Rams (1-7)
  • 32. Browns (1-7)

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