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Week 13: 2009 NFL Team Power Rankings | Fantasy Football Team Rankings

New England Patriots v New Orleans Saints

What a game it was to see the Saints’ stomp all over the Patriots in all phases of the game. Drew Brees headlined a monumental victory that has now officially landed New Orleans on the map of true elite football teams.

As for Tom Brady and the Patriots, I haven’t given up hope for them to make a playoff run but the defense needs to step it up.

Below we have a short right up on the top ten teams on our power rankings for this season. These teams are important to know as they are playing well and should continue to help fantasy teams.

Furthermore, pay attention to the worst teams on the list as they are the teams you want to have your players going against down the stretch.

1. Saints (11-0)

After a huge decisive win against the New England Patriots the Saints are now a top our NFL Power Rankings once again. Drew Brees probably won the MVP award after he blasted the Patriots’ defense for five touchdowns and 371 yards passing on only 23 pass attempts!

This was an amazing performance and is one of those games that will be looked back on for a long time when people mention Brees and the Saints from this era. Look for New Orleans to roll over the Redskins next week and move to twelve and zero.

2. Colts (11-0)

The Colts haven’t won games in a pretty fashion the last month or so but they have won all their games. The Saints were this way until they stomped on the Patriots in a big time national televised game.

This up coming week the Colts will host the Titans in a big time clash of two strong teams. Look for the Colts to find a way to pull out another close victory.

3. Vikings (10-1)

It’s almost hard to remember the Steelers actually beating this team because the Vikings have played so well since that game. I actually had to look back at the schedule just to remember who actually beat this great team from Minnesota.

The Steelers had a few lucky turnovers and won the game in the fourth quarter, and I would suspect that is the only way a team can beat this squad. The Vikings are firing on all cylinders and are taking no prisoner’s.

Expect them to beat the Cardinals in Arizona this weekend by a decent margin.

4. Chargers (8-3)

This is a team I truly thought would never reach the top five teams in the NFL power rankings after the first month of play. Since losing to the Broncos in week six the Chargers haven’t lost a game and are winning in convincing fashion.

I fully expect them to smash the Browns next week in Cleveland. Get your fantasy football players in for that game.

5. Bengals (8-3)

After a quick dip to the Raiders two weeks ago the Bengals polished off the Browns at home. With Cedric Benson out the team turned to Bernard Scott and Larry Johnson to put the game away.

Both running backs had strong games and Johnson ran for over 100 yards. This week Benson is back and Scott has turf toe, so expect the Bengals to run Johnson and Benson together. There is no reason they shouldn’t beat the Lions this weekend.

6. Cowboys (8-3)

The Cowboys need to beat the Giants this weekend if they are going to win their division. Dallas has already lost to the Giants this year, and if they lose this game, they will only be one win better than the Giants.

That means if the Giants should mount a comeback and have the same record as Dallas than they will win the division. Look for the Cowboys to run the football and control the clock on the road.

7. Patriots (7-4)

Watching the Patriots get rolled over by the Saints only goes to show you that this team does not have the defense to be a Super Bowl team right now. I will never put it past this organization to put a run together in the playoffs but right now they are not a top five team in the NFL power rankings.

8. Cardinals (7-4)

The Cardinals lost a heart breaker to the Titans without Kurt Warner on the field. This weekend they may be without Warner again as they take on the Vikings at home. If the Cardinals lose this week and the 49ers win, than next week will be a huge game between the two in San Francisco.

It’s still a long shot for the 49ers to win the division, but if they do beat the Cardinals next week they will have the season sweep against them. If both teams comedown to a tie in record at the end than the 49ers would win the division in that scenario.

9. Eagles (7-4)

The Eagles pulled out a win against the lonely Redskins, but they had to do it in comeback fashion. In that game DeSean Jackson suffered a concussion and may miss this weeks tilt against the Falcons in Atlanta.

Even if Jackson is out I expect the Eagles to win the game with Matt Ryan and Michael Turner likely out.

10. Broncos (7-4)

The Broncos were able to stop their four game skid on Thanksgiving against Giants and won in convincing fashion. It looks like quarterback Kyle Orton is back and healthy as he had no problems finding his receivers all game long.

Expect the Broncos to make quick work of the Chiefs this weekend in Kansas City.

  • 11. Packers (7-4)
  • 12. Ravens (6-5)
  • 13. Steelers (6-5)
  • 14. Titans (5-6)
  • 15. Giants (6-5)
  • 16. Jaguars (6-5)
  • 17. Falcons (6-5)
  • 18. Texans (5-6)
  • 19. 49ers (5-6)
  • 20. Dolphins (5-6)
  • 21. Jets (5-6)
  • 22. Seahawks (5-6)
  • 23. Panthers (4-7)
  • 24. Bears (4-7)
  • 25. Bills (4-7)
  • 26. Chiefs (3-8)
  • 27. Redskins (3-8)
  • 28. Raiders (2-9)
  • 29. Lions (2-9)
  • 30. Buccaneers (1-10)
  • 31. Browns (1-10)
  • 32. Rams (1-10)

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