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Divisional Round: NFL Playoff Fantasy Football Standings-Results

NFL Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings

Coming into this weekend the big talk was if the top seeded teams would struggle in their first playoff game. Teams like the Colts, Saints and Vikings had their share of problems at the end of the regular season, and it would be crucially important for them to start fast in order to turn things around. In the end, all three teams did just that and won their respective contests by wide margin’s. On the other hand it turned, out that the team that played well all the way to week seventeen was the losing team this week. The Chargers lost a shocker in the fourth quarter to the Jets and now the Colts and Jets will have a rematch. Divisional Round Games

Notes From The Divisional Round Weekend

Reggie Bush Looks Explosive

Unfortunately, fantasy football owners and NFL fans will probably never see the full game of Reggie Bush because of his continued knee problems, in his career. Fortunately, we still get a chance to see what he can do in a more limited role, with fewer touches than a normal running back. On only five carries, Bush totaled 84 yards rushing and an explosive 46-yard touchdown run. He also compiled four receptions in the passing game for 24 yards.

NFL Divisional Playoffs - Arizona Cardinals v New Orleans Saints

While his play on offense was solid it was his 83-yard punt return for a touchdown in the second half that put the game away for good.

As long as the Saints don’t over use Bush he still can produce spectacular plays weekly. This works very well for their team and could help them win a Super Bowl this year.

Colts Defense

If the Colts are going to win a Super Bowl this season it will be because of the solid play that their defense has had to compliment their dynamic offense. Even without former defensive MVP safety Bob Sanders, this defense is having a very good year and tonight they played strong.

Next week the Colts will host another playoff game and I would expect this defense to give their opponent problems in the passing game.

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