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C.J. Spiller Talk Heats Up | NFL Draft Rumors

Virginia v Clemson

As we move closer to the NFL combine next weekend, rumors over witch teams may draft Clemson speed burner C.J. Spiller continue to grow. Teams like the Lions and Seahawks have made it very clear about how they view this ultra talented speed burner and now the 49ers are rumored to be interested as well.

Both the 49ers and the Seahawks have two first round picks this year, and it looks as if the 49ers are considering drafted Spiller with their first selection at 13th overall. Seeing that the Seahawks have the 14th pick, it would be wise for the 49ers to select this stud runner before the Seahawks have the next pick.

While the 49ers already have a star running back in Frank Gore, it wouldn’t kill them to have a talent like Spiller backing him up this year. Not only that but Spillers great skills in the return game is something that is up high priority for the 49ers coming into this offseason.

San Francisco struggled all year to have a productive kick and punt game and Spiller would instantly provide a major spark in those areas.

Not only that but Spiller can also put a game away in a heart beat with fresh legs at the end of a game.

It will be interesting to see how far the hype train goes for this talented runner as he stands to be the top running back in this years’ draft.

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  • HE from NJ

    I look at it this way… we stole a pick from the Panthers already, so Spiller should be our (49ers) luxury pick. We can still get a very good OL w/ our 17th overall pick, hopefully Iupati. And then get a good right tackle in the 2nd RD.

    Having a return man like Spiller would help us two-fold… we would improve our return team a ton, that’s a given. Our DEF, however, would be even more ecstatic about having him. Our DEF is very good, and we get many 3-and-outs, having a guy like Spiller return those punts will definitely put fear into opposing teams. The more 3-and-outs, the more they will be putting the ball in Spiller’s hands.

    Also, giving our offense a shorter field to work w/ would help young Alex Smith in his development. The niners finished 6th in red zone efficiency. Spiller could only help that stat.

  • Fantasy Info

    Nice points man,

    I agree with just about all that. Spiller would help the 49ers greatly in special teams and can provide a spark behind Frank Gore in the running game.

    The only thing I would disagree with it that the 49ers didn’t steal this pick from the Panthers they traded away their 2nd round pick last year to get this pick. Sure, this is no doubt an upgrade on that selection, but they had an opportunity to take some good players with the 2nd pick last year and decided to wait until this year.

    As long as the 49ers upgrade in the secondary and at right tackle, I will be perfectly fine with them selecting Spiller. Admittedly, if they don’t upgrade at those area’s and still take Spiller, he should do a good job, but I will be disappointed.

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