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Is Golden Tate Undervalued? | 2010 NFL Draft Projections

Washington v Notre Dame

For the entire 2009 season, Notre Dame fans could always count on two players to never let them down. One of those players was their star quarterback Jimmy Clausen and the other was receiver Golden Tate.

While Clausen seems like a sure lock to go in the first round of this years draft, Tate may have to wait a little longer. At this time, Tate is expected to be a potential second round pick and that is mainly do to his short stature. Maybe this is why people have started comparing Tate to Panthers star receiver Steve Smith.

If Tate turns out to have the kind of career Smith has had, than many football teams are going to feel very dumb about passing this talent from Notre Dame down.

Fantasy Outlook for 2010

Even if Tate is ready to make an impact for his new team, his success for fantasy football this season will be measured on what team he goes to and if they allow him to start.

It’s hard for any rookie receiver to make an impact in their first year so it only makes sense that Tate would make for a waiver wire pickup at best this season. In the future I could easily see this young player making a solid impact for fantasy owners but again it will hurt his chances if he goes somewhere that he fails to get solid playing time.

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